College And Baby Do They Mix

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manda - December 8

well, i wrote on this page yesterday for the first time, and i enjoyed it so much, i decided to come back! so thanks, for writing to me yesterday. my question for today is: is there anyone out there going to college and have a baby at the same time? i want a baby horribly bad, but i would love to hear someones wit before i go and do that! thanks!!!


jai - December 8

hey, i have a 9 month old little girl and am also a full time student. it can be done! studying is only done between her sleeping schedule, but i love her soooo much, and i wanted her way too much to give up on a good life for us... which means i need to finish school. good luck!


g - December 8

I was 21 and in college when I had my first daughter. It was hard. I was lucky that my hubby made enough that I didn't have to work, but I was in a very demanding program. I eventually graduated with my 4 year degree rather than the 5 year professional degree I had started with.


sweet pea - December 8

I am 17, and am 5 months pregnant. Ill be going to school in the fall, and I hope it works. Ill let u know!


CAROL - December 8

Hi Manda. I don't have any advice over going to college/baby, since I don't really know. But I think what you should do is start saving up and preparing yourself at least financially for the child. That way if/when you and your boyfriend decide to do this, you won't have the talk about having a nice lump of money in the bank first; it'll already be there.


Erica - December 8

Im 19 I have a two month old lil boy and I am also a full time student, My fiance and I are both going full time actually and it works out quite well, we help each other, its hard though i wont lie. But you can do it if you put your mind to it.


HI - December 9

Hi manda, I am a college student and my baby is 9 months old. I love my child; however, I would recommend waiting a while until you are finished with school. Just enjoy college, friends, and all the aspects of being young while you can! Your opportunities are limited after you have a child...Good luck!


Mary - December 9

If you are lucky enough to wait until you are done college do so. I was very young when I had my daughter and it was difficult to do school/family at the same time. I did it though and earned my 4 year degree. I just had my second child and am in the progress of finishing my Masters. My husband is a Godsend though. You will need an amazing support system if you are going to school while raising a child.


MOM - December 9

It can be done, yet it will be hard I think its best to wait why make life so hard and if u are like me you will be sad leaving your baby for all those hours a day then to come home to study i say finish school first enjoy life being single then have a family yet if it happens just keep in mind it can be done its just will be hard yet every good thing in life is worth fighting for. good luck


baby_dust - December 9

HI Manda, I am in the same situation as you as I'm trying to concieve and have been for 8 months, may finally be pregnant but when the child is born I would be going into my last year of study. mail me and we can chat - msn? [email protected]


Hello - December 10

I wrote a message for you in your other post regarding carol, if you go through the posts you will see many varying stories from her. Home schooled, lives with parents, now she is suddenly in the work force and an accountant without going to college.. An accountant at 15 and suddenly in her own apartment at 15 oh with her cousin sorry.... gee. Please keep away from her because she is sick and anyone here will tell you the same.


get the facts - December 10

Carol has always said she was homeschooled and a accountant sorry bookeeper that why she feels she is "different".What a teen thing to say.Every teen says that.Her story hasn't changed that much.Weather you like her or only say facts.



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