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dy - March 24

me and my boyfriend had unprotected s_x on friday the 18th. well on tuesday my stomach was killing me and has been hurtin for 3 days now. Can I be Preg? I have irregular periods too.


katie - March 24

yup u can b pregnant...and uve had a cramps and i wud suggest u take a home pregnancy test in a few weeks to c...but theres no point doin one now cause it wnt show up yet good luck xxxx


dy - March 24

when should i take the home pregnancy test?.. ive been belching ALOT here lately?


justin - March 24

belching is a sign of simease twins, dont be to scared. good luck


dy - March 24

mmmmk simease twins? dont see how simease but okay


worried - March 24

what? belching is a sign of simease twins? that is not good. i hope that is not my situation. does it always mean that?


to worried - March 24

i would be real worried if i were you. yes belching can cause you to have simease twins, it happen to my sister. good luck


Grandpa Viv - March 24

Intestinal upsets are a sign of pregnancy as hormones affect the rate at which the muscles move food through the gut. Heartburn, ga__sy both ends, bloating, constipation and diarrhea can reault. The diaphragm is affected, too, with resulting shortness of breath. Four days after s_x is verging on too early to have signs of pregnancy. A week is more like it as the blastocyte has to have time to travel down the fallopian tube and start implanting in the uterus before signs can emerge. Click on Am I Pregnant to the left to see more signs. Take a home test 3 weeks after conception or one week after missing a period. Good luck!


dy - March 24

well now my my stomach hurts then it stops then it hurts, but then


To dy - March 24

i bet your pregnant with simease twins.CONGRATS


dy - March 24

yeah okay. simease twins?!?!?! YEA OKAY.


kevin - March 24



dy - March 24

i just need someone to talk to... someone email me at [email protected]


may - April 1

i have been belching lot to and my boyfriend and i had unprotected s_x too on feb.26 early in the morning about 2:30 am i dont know if he c_m inside me or not but my b___st are real soft and also i had my period i dont thick it was my period through because it was lighter than normal and i took hpt but they were neg. but i took it before my period thing and right after maybe my pregnancy hormes wasnt high enough please help me what do yall think


Grandpa Viv - April 1

May. just take another test. Then wait to see if AF comes next time. Good luck


may - April 3

but is that a sign?



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