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Jasmin - April 24

ok my period came on the 8th and i had s_x on the thats right when im make things worse..the condom we were using broke at the tip but thank god he did not ejaculate..and i heard of prec_m but i needa more info bout what are the chances of me being pregnant!?!?!?


maya - April 24

they probabilty of u bein pregnant is very high. Like 99 %. i think that u should wait about a month to take a test since it is so early. if u start bleedin then thats implantation blood that should happen around the 29th or 30th of April. If that occurs then go to the doc. if it don't still go because u ovulated and thats when pregnancy usually happen. Good luck.


Grandpa Viv - April 24

The probability of getting pregnant from a single act on the day of ovulation is about 1 in 3. Since you did not get a full shot, the chance is less than that. Use v____al foam or film as a backup for the condom. It is not too late for you to take EC (emergency contraception). Call 1-800-230-PLAN for more info. Good luck!


answer - April 24

Prec_m serves as a lubricant for intercourse, and it possibly facilitates fertilization by changing the v____al pH, creating a more sperm-friendly environment. In general, a man can produce prec_m at any time from the point he becomes s_xually aroused until the time he ejaculates. There is no standard interval of time between the initiation of prec_m and ejaculation. Only on occasion does prec_m contain some sperm. Although rare, pregnancies due to prec_m have been reported. Therefore, even though the chances are small, a woman can get pregnant if prec_m has entered her v____a.


LaurenLynn - June 29

Okay to people like Jasmin (you probably already found out if you were or werent and if you were had the baby).. Your chances are not 99%... sorry to disagree with a previous poster. But with medical reasoning... I cant agree that your chances are high at all. True pre-ejaculate does carry sperm. You usually need a high sperm count to tear down the membrane around the egg to let one in. That myth about it only takes one little sperm if pretty much comlete nonsense. Pregnany is not as easy as people make it out to be. Many health women take months and months or even years to conceive. Really its up to God (if you believe in that, I personally do.) Not to say you dont need to protect yourself its important to be resposible. If the condom ever breaks on anyone before after... whenever. use soap and water the clean yourself ASAP. As soon as problem is recognized sit up and stand up... this helps fight gravity. The next day go to planned parenthood and find out about the plan B pill. If you do all of the above if you get pregnant then it was definitly meant to be.



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