Condom Spill Need Help

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uabchi - May 10

During s_x, i (the girl) was on top. the guy wore the condom and everything. it did not leak or anything and lot of the semen was in the reservior. however, when i got off of him, i saw some stuff outside the condom and around the rim. i kind of got freaked out and wonder if that was him or me. is it just my fluids?? are the chances real high that i might get pregnant. my last period was april 27..and i had s_x yesterday (may 9) thanks!


amanda17 - May 10

What did the stuff look like? Unless you noticed a tear in the condom it probably just came from you. Try using at least two methods of birth control at a time to avoid pregnancy. Good luck.


ChattyKathy - May 10

Your chances for pregnancy are very small. You aren't in your fertile period yet and chances are the fluid was from you.


Teddyfinch - May 10

i think it was fluids from you. i've seen that too back when dh and i used to use condoms.


AddysMummy - May 10

Ah trust me it was probably from you. If there were no noticable tears and that then yeah, it's gotta be from you. Condoms aren't exactly LOOSE ... so.. ;)


Teddyfinch - May 11

unless the guy had himself convinced he's a magnum size lol.


amanda17 - May 11

LOL Teddy that's hilarious, talk about delusions of grandeur!


Teddyfinch - May 11

lol well you know some guys... they all think |----| is 8 inches ;-) I'm terrible! lol


amanda17 - May 11

It's like.. you're using the wrong side of the tape measurer, that's the centimeters side!! lol!


angelmonkey - May 11 much longer have you got left of your pregnancy?? do you feel she,s going to come soon?


amanda17 - May 11

Who me? I've felt like I'm about ready to pop for the past two weeks lol. She's really determined to get out of there and my body is really determined to help her! Meanwhile I'm sitting here with my legs crossed hoping she won't be premature. I have a doctor's appointment on the 14th so we'll see if he gives me the ok to stop taking these stupid pills. Definitely soon though, I'm guessing within 3-4 weeks if I really try to hold her in there haha.


angelmonkey - May 11

lol the only thing im going to be worryig when i give birth is pooing myself on the table lol...i dont mean to be crude but it happens lol..........or going to the toilet and the baby coming out and my silly mind lol good luck


amanda17 - May 11

I hear the pooping isn't as big of a deal as it sounds... Like you don't even realize you did it, and it's not like the doctor delivering is going to care because he gets it all the time haha. Just make sure the people you invite into the delivery room know it's coming, it might be a bit of a nasty shock for anyone who's not expecting it!


Teddyfinch - May 12

i've heard you only really poo yourself when you have an epidural because your muscles relax down there. my mom said she didn't poo with me or my big sis and she had us both without any kind of meds.



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