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CynthiaTh - September 30

ok, so i was aout a month late on my periode so i took the test. three times, they were all positive and diffrent kinds everytime. considering that ive just turned 18 it was hard on me but i've learnt to accept it and me and my boyfriend are now ready for it. but i think i've jsut started my period, is this normal? does it mean the test lied and im not going to be having my baby? or does it happen sometimes?


CynthiaTh - September 30

if anyone could help me w ith this it would be greatly apreachiated.


travissgrl06 - September 30

Have you considered the fact that you may be having a miscarriage?? Is the flow bright red and like a normal period? Cause if it is brown you are okay but if it is bright red and flowing heavy you could be having a miscarrige and should go to the doctor. I had the same thing happen and i miscarried at three months.


CynthiaTh - September 30

it is like a normal period, its my fisrt day having it, its not heavy or anything tho.. i've been trying to do research on it, and some places say it can happen.. i really hope i dont have a miscarrige, i was excited about my little one.. but i guess ill just have to shecual a meeting with the doctor.


GimmeaBub - October 1

I was 5 weeks pregnant 5 months ago, 2 days after i found out, i started c___pming like i was having a period, got backaches, and the next thing i know i got what seemed like a light period, but when df rushed me to hospital I started bleeding red, and heavy and fast! I suffered an early miscarriage i was heart broken but These things happen. Best thing go to your dr, they can advice you from there, if you start getting cramps along with heavy bleeding hurry down to the hospital. Baby Juice Darl


ChattyKathy - October 1

Bright red is the warning sign. If your bleeding increases and you begin to pa__s tissue (they may look like little black dots in the blood) then that is an indicator of a miscarriage. If you are only spotting, there is a chance you could be fine. Unfortunately, miscarriages are very common especially around the second month mark. The doctors will not be able to do anything for you.



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