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jennifer_17 - August 10

ok i have been having stomach aches, nasea, i sleep all the time, somedays im hungrey but alot of the other days im not, i feel depressed, and i cry could i be pregnant? im on the shot and i know it is supposed to be 99% accurate but i feel awful. me and my boyfriend broke up and we have been broke up for a month and i haven't been with anybody since so i would be a month if i was.i told him about it and he is scared to.if i am, the only person i would be scared to tell is my mom bc we had this scare before and his mom was very understanding and supportive. i have already graduated but he is only 16, but i sorda want a baby. am i totally crazy? somebody please answer me as soon as possible please!!!!!!


Shelly - June 22

Have you taken a test yet? That would be your best first step. Do you have sore b___sts? Do you pee a lot? From only the symptoms you have mentioned, and your story, my guess would be you probably are not pregnant. All those symptoms can be from depression. Did you want to break up with your boyfriend? Take a test to find out for sure. Yes, you would be a little crazy to TRY to have a baby in your situation. Finish your education before you decide to start a family. It is sooo hard to make enough money to raise a family without a college education. It takes all the fun out of it.


Alexis - August 10

I really just think that you are depressed. A lot of people with depression sleep alot and eat alot also. And if you already had this scare one time, why are you being risky? Just because you are on the "shot" does not make not using a condom an option.


Al - August 10

First of all, it was WRONG for you to scare your ex boyfriend like that. It is VERY VERY VERY unlikely that you can be pregnant. You say that you want a baby, to me, it sounds as though you are trying to convince yourself that you are. BUT YOU ARE NOT.


Aus - January 27

If you thought you maybe pregnant and told your boyfriend that is up to you, don't mind these people saying your doing everything wrong, none of our business... I would wait until you miss your AF and do a test, and wouldn't worry to much... very unlikely you would be.. take it easy



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