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Jocelyn - June 21

I haven't had my period is 67 days...I have been eating a lot and feeling very bloated and I also have a few other pregnancy symptoms. I'm going to be taking a pregnancy test this weekend, but I wanted to know if it's still possible to be pregnant and NOT have sore/tender br___ts. Thx for the help!


Amy - June 21

It's different for everyone and for every pregnancy, I had sore b___sts since day one. But it went away after about 12 weeks. But I think that is one of the main things that happens, but it could be different for everyone.


Kelly - June 21

I think it's different for everyone. I didn't have any morning sickness and some other people do. I would just take a test. Let us know what you find out. Good Luck!


Audrey - June 21

Jocelyn- Early pregnancy symptoms are different for everyone, and there are even those who don't feel any at all until they are well along. If you have not had a period in so long, take that test as soon as possible so you can have peace of mind and start getting the medical care that you need. Good luck!


Jocelyn - June 21

oh, i'm not worried about it at all...if i'm pregnant i'm pregnant. doesnt matter to me either way. i'm 19 and married so i'm not stressed about it. i just haven't skipped 2 periods in a very long time (i usually only skip one) and for a few weeks now i have been very hungry all the time, feeling very bloated, and this morning i had what looked like i had my period, but it was very very light and only showed up on the toilet paper. i asked about not having b___st tenderness because i ALWAYS get very sore b___sts before i get my period and this time i didn't. i also ALWAYS get ma__sive, unbearable cramps about an hour after getting my period, but i have none (*knock on wood*) so this is very, very weird for me...not feeling like a normal period, if it even is that. but, i'm going to take a test on friday. thanx for the replies!


kayla - June 21

i never ahd sore b___sts until i was 28 wks along



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