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Shawna - November 20

My boyfriend n me had unprotected s_x ((yah i kno.. i was being slow at the time))... I was suppose to get my period a few days ago, and I took a pregnancy test (e.p.t) and it showed two lines but one was substantially lighter.. But i think that still means im pregnante.. (am i right?).. My nipples and br___ts are really sensitive and i think their getting larger.. I think that's another sign of being pregnante? But ya, His family is really supportive of me, but i dont know how i'll ever beable to tell me mom.. what do you all think? Am i pregnante.. if so how should I tell me mom, and what are the next steps I should take?


lala - November 22

a faint line is still a positive line : pregnant


T - November 22

A faint line is still a positive. You will need to have the pregnancy confirmed at your doctor so you can start all your prenatal treatment. And you'll need to tell your parents and your boyfriend. Good luck!! :o)


Grandpa Viv - November 22

You seem to be taking this more in stride than most. Do the smart mom stuff - prenatal vitamins, no tobacco or alcohol. It seems like you will be telling his family first, and his mom can help break the news to your mom. I don't know that you have to see a doctor tomorrow. Many women leave that until they have missed their second period. Good luck to all of you!


niki - December 14

ive been in a in that situation recently, My boyfriend wasnt really there for me but his family was it was way harder on me telling my mother after his parents anywho i told her when i had no choice n i started showin it was hard on her but now she is a very happy grama n she loves it n her n i both wish i would have told her sooner cauz it stressed me out hardcore n stress isnt good for the baby n parental support is good to have n she told me theres nothing anyone can do once it happens so the only thing a mom can do is accpet it n be happy if not at first adventually so Good Luck with you baby n congrats



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