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karrie - September 28

Can u still get preg, like 2 weeks befor ur period? and are u at a higher risk then?


Megan - September 28

Yes, You are at a high risk of pregnancy two weeks before your period because that is usually when ovulation happens.


karrie - September 28

and how can u tell when ur are ovulating??


kerrie - September 28

im asking all this because my bf and i had s_x this friday and the condom broke, and then we has s_x yesterday and he prec_med in me and i do believe that i am ovulating and have been since thursday. im really scared


Viv - September 29

It's a pity you did not know about Emergency Contraception. That's only good for 72 hours - too late now. Ovulation occurs 14 days before your next menstrual period. The egg remains viable for 24-36 hours. Sperm already in the reproductive tract can survive 5 days waiting for ovulation. Some women feel a slight pain in one of the ovaries at ovulation time, as the egg breaks loose (mittelschmerz). At the same time the Basal Body Temperature rises half a degree or more, the cervix goes from being hard and low to being soft and high, and cervical mucus becomes slippery and wet (like raw egg white) and can be stretched an inch between thumb and forefinger. If conception occurs, the blastocyte starts implanting in the lining of the uterus a week later. Early symptoms of pregnancy usually start at this time. These include b___st changes, frequent urination, tiredness, food and smell sensitivity and others. A home pregnancy test is not likely to show positive until the menstrual period is missed, or preferably a week later. Karrie, if by chance you are not pregnant, please get some spermicidal foam or inserts and put it in 15 minutes before s_x. It is great backup for a condom that might break. Ask your boyfriend to throw out those condoms - they are probably past the use-by date. Learn together how to put on a condom with a little slack in the end for the c_m. And don't use vaseline for a lubricant - it destroys latex. I am interested in improving s_x education. I would love for you to mail me at [email protected] telling me the who, when and where of your missing s_x ed.


kerrie - September 29

so do u think im at a very high risk right now?


ashleigh - September 30

thats is about around the time u can get preg .. its jus as high as anytime u can get preg


karrie - October 1

well i got my period yesterday, but it came early and its light, could i still be preg. or no? and what are the early symptoms?


kerrie - October 1

Can anyone answer me!!


Viv - October 1

Early signs are tired, tender b___bs, peeing, gas and a bunch of others. An early and light period might be a sign of implantation, in which case early symptoms will soon follow.


Kari also with a K - October 1

Hey hon, the highest risk time is during ovulation. Ovulation occurs roughly halfway between 2 periods and having s_x either 5 days before or 1 day after this is your 'danger zone'. Now, I know you will be freaking out as it certainly sounds like you were near that point when you had s_x. However, you say the condom split. Did you notice this after s_x or did your partner pull out before he came on that occa__sion? Regarding your worry about the prec_m, yes it is a way of getting pg but it is a rather low risk method. I doubt you will be pg from that. (cont)


Kari also with a K - October 1

Bout light period, it sounds like you are having a lighter period this time as you are experiencing a lot of anxiety over this matter. Try relaxing, easier said than done I know. Although light spotting can be a sign of implantation (egg attatching itself to uterus after fertilisation) it is EXTREMELY light and is usually nothing more than spotting, not a period. (cont)


Kari also with a K - October 1

Check out the 'Stages of Pregnancy' section on the blue part of site marked 'pregnancy topics' (it's on the left of the screen just now). Also check the 'what to expext' forum for extensive information regarding pregnancy symptoms at all stages of pregnancy. I hope this has been helpful to you, sorry if it hasn't. You just sound sooo worried and I'll be honest with you, I am sure you are worrying over nothing. Take care sweetheart and I'm sure you will be okay and are not pregnant. xxxx xxxx



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