Confused Somebody Wanna Maybe Answer My Question Plz

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kayleighs - May 20

Hey, my name is kayz and i'm 16, i'll be 17 in june, my boyfriend is 15 and will be 16 in aug. I'm allergic to latex and my boyfriend and I have s_x everyday without any birth control. We're not worried about getting pregnant because I suppose subconciously we want a baby. Anyways we've been having s_x everyday for over a month now without any protection. I'm usually late for my period so I wasn't to worried when the time came and i didn't get my period, but just a few days ago, i started getting a bit of brownish blood, not enough to be my period because my period is usually dark red and heavy. Anyways the brownish blood will come and then stop and then come again the next day. I'm not sure what this is, not sure if it's a possible sign of pregnancy so I figured I'd ask you guys and see if anyone knew.


Chelle - May 20

It's possible it could be implantation bleeding. If you've missed your period, go take a pregnancy test. That's the only way to find out if you are pregnant or not.


Grandpa Viv - May 20

It sounds like you are going to pregnant pretty soon, even if you are not already. Are you more tired or emotional than usual, do you have any other signs of pregnancy other than an unusual/late period. Sounds like a good chance. Take a test and see! Good luck!


les22 - May 21

you can buy latex free condoms. you really should ask your boyfriend if he wants a baby as it just seems like he just doesnt want to use condoms. bleeding like that is also a symptom of having an std. take a pregnancy test and buy some condoms.


ChaycesMom - May 22

Even without using condoms, you should still be on some form of birth control, ex. the pill. Even subconsiously, why would you want a baby at 16/17?


midnight_drift - May 22

You are really very young to have a baby, especially with your boyfriend a whole year younger sweetie. You should reconsider the baby thing, it really messes with you for awhile. I'm 17 and pregnant, (2 and a half or so months.) it messed up my plans, but I don't regret it. You should live your life, have fun, and have a baby when you're older. I realized that at 15 when I wanted a baby that early. Being mentally and finacially stable is the best situation to bring a child in! Good luck both ways, if you are, or aren't. If you aren't I suggest latex free condoms, or birth control, but I can't make that choice for you hun.



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