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kerkain - June 17

About a month, month and a half ago or something like that, I had a little "fling" with a girl. We were fooling around and were about to have s_x, but as soon as I penetrated her I got a guilty feeling, she was a virgin and I told myself not to take it, and almost instantly after that I stopped what I was doing, got dressed then took her home. Explaining to her what had happened. She got ahold of me yesterday saying she was pregnant. And Im confused about it. Can she tell so early that she is? She told me that shes supposedly setting up a Doc. appt. on Saturday to get it checked. But I wasnt in her but about 2 or 3 seconds and I didnt release, or have a pre-c_m incident either that I know of. So I dont understand if this is possible. Yea it was stupid on my part not to use a condom. I was in a 4 year relationship with a girl and always had unprotected s_x and never an incident with pregnancy, which might explain my stupidity with her. Is it possible that we could have messed up her period, causing it to be late? I dunno.. Ill find out more supposedly Saturday... Thanks..


Athom - June 17

If she is preggers... I would tell her you want a blood test to make sure its yours. I guess there is a really tiny chance its yours... but it dosnt sound likely. She could be just stressing her self out and making her period late. SO who knows. :) Just wait it out, check it out and good luck.


Ca__sie06 - June 17

If everything happened exactly like you described, I would seriously doubt she is pregnant, or at least that you are not the father. I mean, I suppose there could have been prec_m and such, but it is such a slim chance. I dont know if I would believe her or not, but definitely get a test if she does end up pregnant to make sure it is yours!


kerkain - June 17

well she called me today and told me that she is pregnant. im still confused and questioning about everything about what would or could have happened that day. she said though that she thought about it, and will most likely be putting the kid up for adoption because she is too young to have that kind of responsibility. shes 18 and im 20 by the way. i guess its the right option? as for the blood test, well she tells me that i was the only guy she had ever had a s_xual experience with. i dont know.. im just all confused and stressed out about this whole situation. thanks though for the responses.. i guess i just have to live through this like everything else and see where i end up.


Clarissa23 - June 18

i would just wait it have to make sure it is yours before you commit to it...


lilmomma88 - June 19

First of all...if you didn't c_m, she ain't pregnant. Sperm can't live outside of you for more than 2 if you didn't c_m at all that day..she's just looking for attention. This happens alot. I'd ask her to take a pregnancy test in front of you. If it's positive, she lied about you bein her one n only. Theres no way that after 2 or 3 seconds and no ejaculation she's pregnant. just doesn't happen! Let us know...


midnight_drift - June 19

lilmama, there is something called pre-c_m =). You CAN get pregnant without c_mming. There is a slim chance, but I'd still make sure she gets a blood test cause well, if it was a fling, and she was gonna have s_x with you, that doesn't mean she hasn't had s_x with someone else.


lilmomma88 - June 19

yeah there IS something called pre-c_m, but there is no way in hell it happened after being in for 3 he said he didn't pre-c_m


cmfqueens - June 20

I would also make her take the test in front of you!!!!!!!! And wether she says she is giving up the baby or not I would get a blood test done. You are entilted to this and if she refuses take her to court. There is no tme for games when it come to having children and there are many tricky bitc** out there.


lilmomma88 - June 20

for sound like a good guy and alot of girls will take advantage of that! most girls are shhhadddyyy...


kerkain - June 28

Well heres an update to my situation. Basically, she called me yesterday and told me she had a misscarriage. It was a little odd to me cause earlier in the morning she told me that she was going in after a month to find out the s_x of the kid. After I thought about it, I asked her if she got an abortion or if someone made her get one, and she told me she got it herself. So... Im actually a little mad that she did that, I wouldnt have ever suggested it. But there ya go. Thanks a lot everyone for your suggestions and answers, its much appreciated. Best Reguards, -Josh


sophandbob - June 28

to be honest, from what you have said, it would heavily doubt that she was even pregnant in the first place, as it seems all to convient! It sounds like it was a way of trying to trap you, or mess with you emotionally. She obviously has no clue as to pregnancy and the rate of development of the fetus- gender cannot be distinguished by ultrasound until 18 weeks at the earliest, making her nearer to 5 months gone, not just a month! Think she has a problem with the truth!!



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