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Jen - October 5

We are working with an adoption agency in NY. We live in NJ. Please look at our website and if you are interested, I will give you our agency contact name and info. They are a well known agency and will work a match even if we find one on our own. Thanks~Jen


Jen - October 5

sorry our page is


anon - October 6

i don't think you should be here trying to coax girls into giving up their baby. they are probably confused enough and are vulnerable. how about you take you agency where its needed 3rd world countries where children are DYING of STARVATION.


akkk - October 6

I think that is very well said anon. What is with these women posting on here looking to adopt babies. Leave these young girls alone and let them make there own decisions and I am sure that when they do the will go through the proper channels not give there baby to someone who asks them on an internet forum that is suppose to be for help.


sue - October 6

If one of us can be forced by just that email, we should not be allowed to raise a baby. Give me some credit. If I'm not interested, I won't reply. I can think for myself! She is only giving a name of an adoption agency and her website. That is not a coax. You are bossy annon and your opinion is just that, only your opinion. Your view is not necessarily the right one.


to sue - October 6

Who are you, the post patrol?? My comment was valid and appropriate. This post implies that teens are unable to care for children in my view. If a young girl is pregnant and doesn't feel she has the support she needs, that leaves her vulnerable. These girls come here for support and encouragement. It would be different if this website was given to a girl who was asking about adoption. I am ent_tled to my opinion!!!


Mommyof2 - October 7

I agree with Anon. and Akkk.. girls dont need to read other people begging them for their children when there are plenty of 3rd world babies that need to be adopted. A baby is a baby no matter where he/she is from, like my mom always said "beggers shouldnt be choosers"


W - October 7

Why do people think that if your a pregnant teenager then your obviously considerably more prone to being brainwashed? Give us some credit, we aren't all dumb enough to agree to give up our babies if someone says so!


K - October 7

It's not only teenagers who could feel coaxed by reading this sort of stuff, it's anybody who's unsure about what to do or who feels vulnerable! Nobody said anything bad about pregnant teens - people were actually trying to help a group of people who they felt might be more at risk due to having huge decisions to make. Don't take things so personally!


March_Mommy06 - October 7

Okay, so why are you guys going to throw a fit because these people are showing teens another option? You wouldn't be so upset if someone came in and suggested keeping the baby! Or soemthing that you agree with. There are options to be considered. Chill out and grow up. I have been on this board for a day and I swear these are some of the most close-minded, ignorant and immature people. There are exceptions to that, I have talked to some wonderful people on here too. I agree with "Sue", If someone is that easily convinced, why are they even considering having a baby?! I guess thats what got them pregnant, someone posted something about s_x saying it was good? Grow up people. And to the little boys on here who have no business being on here, LEAVE. Go play your X-Box or whatever.


to marchmommy - October 7

Are you for real? They shouldn't be considering having a baby if they are that easil coaxed??? Is you head up your a__s - most of these teenagers didn't plan pregnancy (I bet you didn't) and are on here looking for help and advice not someone to beg them for threre baby. Help and advice forum NOT adoption agency.I am a mother of 2 and no I am not a teenager.iam 28 yrs old. I come onto this site to answer any questions I can and it makes me so mad to see people posting adds on here looking for babies. Go through the proper channels. As for you dumb a__s marchmommy none of us think that is the way they got pregnant accidents happen as you know (I think i read one of the other posts that said you were pregnant).


March_Mommy06 - October 7

If they are not responsible enough to make decisions for themselves, they should not be having s_x to begin with. I laugh that you are here calling a 17 year old a "dumba__s" when you should be a little bit more mature than that! And, you can sort of look at my name and tell that I am having a baby. So what? I made the decision to have s_x with the father, he didn't coax me to! If you are tricked into stuff so easily, then don't have s_x and take that chance. It's simple stuff. Don't defend the people who are close-minded and ignorant. I think it is good for teens to know that there are people willing to love their babies and give them what they can't. Without adoption, the abortion rate would be even higher! Think about the smart person that you are since I am the dumba__s ;-)


to marchmommy - October 7

No i didn't know from your name that you were pregnant. If you read my post properly I explained at the end of it that i had seen it on another post. But in fairness it doesn't take a genius to work it from your name. Let me guess your baby is due in March. My problem is that you have only been on this forum for 1 day and already are shooting down other peoples opinions. Alot of the women that posted on this post are not trying to keep the information of adoption away from these teens they would just like to see them get in touch with a professional agency. At the end of the day they don't know who these people are that offering to take there baby's. So be a little bit mature and think about that. After all how would you feel if you were very confused when you fell pregnant came on this forum for advice and every second post is place your baby for adoption we would love your baby.


March_Mommy06 - October 7

I don't reccomend seeking advice like this from strangers to begin with. Adoption/Abortion/Parenting are all important decisions, that should be talked over with family and people who actually care about you. I wouldn't come here for this kind of help, these people may be crazy but who knows, they may not be. And it's not like you can just hand over your baby anyways, there is a lot of legal stuff to adoption even without and agency. I am not shooting down peoples opinions, it seems that you attacked mine. To each her own, but they shouldn't be sucked in that easily...Come on! Its like reading the National Enquirer!


to marchmommy - October 7

you are still not getting it! Alot of the teens cannt talk to there parents or loved ones and that is why they are on here. It is great that you can talk to your loved ones but not everyone is that fortunate. As for the legal side of adoption I know all about this as I am a Lawyer and you wouldn't believe the amount of cases we deal with were people did give up their babies (not through agencies) and the amount of ha__sell it causes. The baby is still cla__sed as being in their care and the adoptive parents won't let them see the baby because if anyone finds out it was not done properly both parties will lose the child. That is all I am trying to state that it needs to be done properly.


March_Mommy06 - October 7

Okay, I do understand that. But if you are mature enough to have s_x, you should be mature enough to talk to your family. As far as legalities, surely people have enough common sense to have everything done the right way. You dont just decide on something without looking into it throughly!


to marchmommy - October 7

Alot of these girls that do give their babies up for adoption to people outside a proffesional organisation do so because they are desperate nothing to so with common sense it is just pure desperstion. Can you think back to the biggest problem you have ever had and remember how desperate you were feeling multiply that by 100 and then that may give you an idea of how some of these girls were feeling when they handed over their babies.



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