Considering Abortion

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Brittany - October 4

I'm 17 years old and possibly pregnant. My boyfriend is 16 and isn't mature at all. I live with my grandparents who are in there mid 70's. My grandmother is a "Southern babtist" who believes that teen pregnancies is a discrace and an embaressment. My grandfather however is a very sweet old man who I consider more of a father (My first word was pal pal). It'll break his heart to know that I might be pergnant. Also most of my life I raised my little brother who has CP. He's in a wheel chair and I love him dearly. I just now got my life back and now acting my age rather than 30. I'm in my senior year and planning to go to Florida State University in order of becoming a child clinical psychologist. I've spooken with some of my friends and hafe of them think that and abortion is the wrong way to go. I'm scared and extremly confused and lost. Please if anyone can give me any advise it will be much apprecatied.


Natalie - October 5

do you really want to have an abortion? that question you should be rushing round your brain for days even weeks before you make a descision. i decided before i took my pregnancy test that if i was pregnant i would keep the baby. i was 17 wheni found out i am pregnant. 18 now. luckily i live in england so i have just done two years at college by this age. if you want to have an eduation, having a baby shouldnt stop that as long as you work hard. it will be hard. i dont live in america, but im sure that there is support if your grandparents dont want you living with them anymore. but they may actually warm to you more if your honest with them in a crisis. just relax and think about what you really want.


Vicky - October 5

Dont do anything that you dont want to do! if you think people will frown on it and your doing it for them, dont! im 16 and pregnant and there was alot of pressure on me to decide and at one point i thought it was for the best. but as time goes on its more clear what you want, by 15weeks i new i wanted to keep baby but i didnt realise how much i loved my baby untill i started bleeding later on.(thankfull babys ok!) all i say is talk to people who have had abortions and ask how its affected them. i did some research and i didnt come across one single women who didnt regret aborting there baby afterwards. the decision is just yours in the end, other people will get over the fact youve had an abortion in a month, it will be with you forever. good luck xXx


angel - October 5

hi if you feel at all like you dont want to dont do it you will regret it your whole life. there are a lot of ways out there and things that can help you if you want to keep the baby. you can still go to school... if you have a clinic or something around they can give you info on a lot of things that can help you with childcare and food and everything. good luck to you i hope eerything works out :)


To: Brittany - October 5

No one can really give you advice on this. It all comes down to what you want to do. If you WANT to have an abortion, then have one...they are perfectly legal. Many people will tell you not to who happen to be against it, but it is YOUR choice. If you don't want to have one then by all means don't. I had one 18 years ago, and it was one of the toughest decisions I've ever made. But I don't regret it and would not change a thing. But other people have them and do regret it. It really comes down to your beliefs and how you feel. I think it's really best for you to go with your gut instinct than to listen to other's advice on this one. It's your choice to make. Goodluck! :)


to brit - October 5

do what you want to. if you don't really want the baby then don't have it. my mother was in a situation simliar to yours. she blames me everyday for ruining her dreams. sometimes i wish i was never born just because my life was so bad when i was growing up. now i take advantage of situations and use people to get what i want and i am away from my mother. it is the happyiest time of my life.


honest - October 5

Alright, i am not hear to judge but i will tell you my point of view. Having s_x, you should of thought about the possabilty of a pregnancy. If you knew that your boyfreind is too "mature" to handel a situation like this, you should of blocked out all possabiltys. About you not wanting to look "bad" in front of your family members, i dont think that you should be worrying about the looks upon yourself, but for your baby. Yes, your family members will be devistated but once the thought implants in their heads that yes, you are young but having a baby, meaning, another baby in the family, they will be delighted and thrilled with joy. I personaly think, that if it is too hard to tell your grand parents face to face that you are preg, i would suggest writting a letter. You think that them knowing that you are preg, will cause alot of drama and hurt? Just imagian if they found out that you killed your own child. That would be the wrost thing for them to think about because they knew that you drew up your conclusion, based on what you though they would think and feel. I think that you need to sit down with your boyfreind and explain what is going on with you( if he doesnt know already. He might be young, but its his right to know what is going on. This is his child, as well as yours. I hoped that i helped some. Even though, knowing, that your dedcion that you choose to make is going to be based on what you think and feel, hopefuly i got something accrose to you.


oh gawd - October 5

not silent scream again. When will you people realise most abortion take place well before the silent scream video AND they do not require the procedure shown there. Chill with the scare tactics,everyone of us here knows what happens when you have an abortion. We don't need to see pictures of it too.


kate - October 5

hey brittany if u would like to talk or need a friend u can email me, i have helped teen girls that have placed there babies for adoption, hope to hear from u soon. good luck


Lisa - October 6

Ignore the foolish people who continue to direct you to those tasteless websites. Weigh up your options. I don't think your friends are in a position to tell you what to do with your body either, its not them that will be raising a child, and i seriously doubt they will be there to support you afterwards. Talk to your boyfriend about how you both feel. There is a lot of support out there for young teens who wish to continue on with their education during and after pregnancy, its basically up to you to decide what you want to do. Good luck


ML - October 7

adoption is a much better alturative i went to FSU!! go Noles (i went while preg too)


? - October 7

Brittany...have you taken a test yet? Do you know if you're even pregnant yet?


Siara - October 10

its a real hard decision to make but you do just know sometimes whether its right for you or not. i think if you are pregnant your sacrificing a lot. dont let anyone make the decision for you. i had an abortion in May and though it was hard (especially the response i got on here) it was the best thing to do.



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