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Miss. Worried - November 9

Hello! I just wanted to say a few things that may p*ss a few people off, but i think this needs to be said! Firstly before you start having s_x, you should go to a clinic/doctor or talk to a close (older) friend or relative about the big C word! (contraception). I told my mum before i did (i know not everyone can do this) and trust me, it was worth it! If you talk to someone about it first it shows your being mature about s_x! Don't be embaressed about it, if you are, then your too young! Too many young girls are getting pregnant at an early age, and can't deal with the after math! Not only that, pregnancy should be the least of your worries, what about std's? They can be deadly! All you 14/15 year olds, please just think before you go ahead and do anything! And if you already are, then find someone to talk about it! There are far too many posts on here with the same t_tles like 'am i pregnant' 'i don't know who the father is!' 'help' if you seek help before hand, you won't be in this mess! It's a word every teenager should be aware of, and not be scared of! Again, if your too young to seek advise on contraception, then your just too young to be having s_x! I know what its like to be young and in love, everyone does! But that doesn't mean you can't be careful! And EVERYTHING is free these days! So whats the excuse?


Miss. Worried - November 9

Sorry i meant 'If your too embarrased to seek advise on contraception, then you just too young to be having s_x' Good quote though!


annon - November 9

I totally i agree!


finally - November 9



Miss. Worried - November 9

Can i also just add that s_x is NOT like how it is on T.V! My first time hurt so much! You feel like you've been horse riding all week! Plus, depending on how 'mature' the boy is, it will only last a minute anyway! If you think about it, your getting a minutes worth of pain, for the price of warts, hiv, aids, infections, puss coming out of your bits! or a mini you with a hint of the one minute wonder! I don't mean to sound horrible, but this is the REALITY! Don't think for 1 minute that s_x at a young age is going to be full of enjoyment, because it's not! At least be safe!


Charlotte - November 9

Thank god someone on here has a brain!


mommy 05 - November 9

well said! you are so right :)


Jbear - November 10

The first time doesn't always hurt, and mine was painless. S_x is more enjoyable if you are on birth control and are protecting yourself against std's, because otherwise you spend all the time you're not having s_x worrying about what might have happened when you did have s_x.


Miss. Worried - November 10

I know that you teens probably think I'm just another do-gooder! but i'm not, i messed up when i was younger! If anyone needs any advice on contraception or anything to do with s_x, don't be afraid to ask, i won't judge you!


T - November 10

Good one Miss Worried. :o)



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