Cool Sex

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Viv - September 16

I would like to try a little experiment here. Every now and again as I answer a question, I realize that it is the twentieth time I have typed that answer, and the answer is one I would like everyone to share. I'll keep adding stuff, which will bring Cool Sex back to the top of the list again.


Viv - September 16

For instance, the coolest thing I have ever heard a mom say to her daughter is "I'm in no hurry for you to be s_xually active. If and when you feel that time is coming, please let's talk about it, so that we can make sure you do it right. I promise to counsel you well."


HMMM - September 16

I am not 100% follwing you here, put I would like to contribute to this experiment.


Viv - September 16

Let's hope all you young ladies have been told the truism "Boys give love to get s_x, and girls give s_x to get love". When it comes to relationships, the brains of males are in their b___s, and the brains of girls are in their hearts.


Viv - September 16

In everyday use, out of 100 women who rely on the condom, 12 get pregnant each year ... ... If you want better protection, use foam as well. It can be put in 20 minutes ahead of time. If you want to be bomb-proof, do both of the above and on your fertile window Days 8-15 go to the movies instead.


Viv - September 19

Everyone talks about pre-c_m, but it's not clear that we all mean the same thing. Pre-ejaculate is lubricating liquid that comes from a little gland called the Cowpers Galnd. It is mostly for lubrication, and seeps out of the p___s before the throbbing, squirting ejaculation. Premature ejaculation happens when a full fledged ejaculation occurs before the owner of the p___s wanted or intended. The pre-ejaculate is what should be referred to as pre-c_m. It may contain small amounts of sperm, and may cause pregnancy but at reduced risk. Premature ejaculation is no different from a full ejaculation in terms of sperm content. Getting a dose of this in the v____a is high risk.


Viv - September 26

It is more risky to have s_x just after your period than it is just before your period. Say you have s_x on Day7 and the sperm lasts 5 days, taking you to Day12. Now suppose you ovulate 2 days early, On Day12 instead of Day14. OOPS! On the other hand, once you ovulate the egg moves on down the fallopian tube and after 2 days is no longer viable. If only you could be sure of when you ovulated and then wait a few days, there would be a whole week free of worry before the next period. Next time - how to tell when you ovulate.


Kari - September 27

err, don't quite understand the post but trying to keep up. Lot of good points made so far & guessing this is the point of the post. I'll add if I think of any good ones to add, for now I'm just helping keep ur post near the top. Good luck with the experiment babes, xxx


Lana - October 5

just putting cool s_x back to the top cos i still don't get ot and i wanna know!


- October 11



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