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Eric - July 8

Well, This will be a semi-long topic I guess. I'm 17, and in High School, have a steady job (looking for a better one, but this will do for now). My girlfriend is 15, will be 16 in about a month (I JUST turned 17 June 8th) and she’s been scared about pregnancy in the past, once. I told her in the past if she’s pregnant to not tell me unless she was sure. Well tonight we went to the movies, and she was complaining about her back, her stomach, and how she had to go to the bathroom, she’s missed her period for 2 weeks now. I went to bring her home tonight and she said I need to talk to you about something tonight and I told her no I want to hear it now. She sprang on me that she thinks there’s a possibilities of being pregnant and she’s going tomorrow to get birth control (pill or shot) and she says she'll find out if she is pg or not. I will be there if she is pregnant, but you know I have mixed feelings about it, I want it, but I know it will be hard to keep a job, school, and satisfy her and the baby at the same time but I will not run, any man can have s_x with a girl, but to stay with one when she gets pregnant, that’s a true man who I respect and always have. Now it’s my turn (hopefully not) to step up to the plate, I knew it was bound to happen but I just threw it in the back of my head and ignored it while I had my fun. The ironic thing is at work (Krogers) all the cashiers love talking to me because I'm an easy outgoing guy and listen I guess and one of the cashiers, Mary, was telling me another cashier was dating one of the baggers and she almost got pregnant so they broke up. You know I probably should stop all s_xual activities but its not really me who is s_xually active 24/7, she’s craving it from me, she went from virgin and innocent to a little naughty girl who wants s_x every three seconds (don’t get me wrong, I love s_x, but Jesus!). So, my question, do you think I should be worried or not? - Eric



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