Could I Be Or Would I Be

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Stina - October 25

well how can i start off ok i went to the cycle caculator and they said my period was schedule for the 28th of this month but yesterday i start spotting blood (NO CRAMPS) came home put a pad on a waist of pads , i barely seen blood this morning just alittle brownest me and my bf had s_x this morning while we was having s_x he said that he seen discharge coming out brownest(i guess) he just said discharge anyways so we was still doing it felt his p__s jumping pumping out sperm all in me he didn't even tell me he came i felt it.He took child development and he was telling me when a girl on her period while having s_x she can get pregnant so i look on the internet and they said any bleeding from the va___a can get a girl pregnant so i'm not sure if it was my cycle or what they said bleeding can occur a few days after ovalating but i started ovu. on the 11th(some what the ovulation cac said) today is the 25th i wasn't around to have s_x on my fertile days also if a girl urinate after having s_x even if she stayed in one spot for minutes can the sperm come out and not cause her to get pregnant? i know this is a stupid question my bf said something different he said we have two holes one we pee out of and one where they have s_x is that true?well i'm on the phone with my bf now he just told me he came in me last month around the 20th but my cycle came on on sept 30 what could this be? could i be pregnant? or will i be started by what happen today


Melissa - October 25

Any time you have unprotected s_x and your partner ejaculates inside of you...there is a chance you could be pregnant. If you dont want to be pregnant..why take that chance?...Use a condom at all times or get on birth control......if your discharge is light and is only there for a few days and can hardly call it a "period"....then you should take a pregnancy test .....Good luck


Jbear - October 25

A little bit of spotting could be implantation bleeding. If your period doesn't start in a couple of days, take a test. Also, you can't rely on an ovulation calculator to tell you what days are safe to have s_x. Not all women have the same length cycle. Avoiding s_x on fertile days is called natural family planning, and there's more involved than looking up dates on a computer. You have to take your temperature each morning, and pay attention to the consistency of your cervical mucus. It's not a good method unless you're married, and even then you should only attempt it if you're all right with becoming pregnant. Peeing after s_x will not prevent pregnancy. You do have two different holes, the v____a (for s_x) and the opening for the urethra (for peeing). Peeing after s_x can help prevent urinary tract infections, but not pregnancy. It would be a really good idea if you went and got some birth control, and also maybe a little more education about the parts of your body.



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