Could I Be Preggo Even Though I Had My Period

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Gale - October 23

if i was pregnant i would be five weeks along. I already had my period so i didn't take a test. i had the symptoms before my period but they went away afterwards. Lately i've just had stomach pains. could i still be pregnant? please help?


Nikla - October 23

i'm in the same position expet my periods were a day late and only lasted 4 days instead of 6 so i just want to know. hope you find out good luck


Angel - October 23

You do know you can still get your period when you are pregnant - even the whole way through your preg nearly! I would say you could be pregnant, but the only way is the sam response you will get from anyone - Get a test! =) GD LUCK


im - October 23

i'm scared


to gale - October 23

if you got your period then you are not pregnant. your period is a result of your eggs not being fertilized by sperm so if you are pregnant you wouldn't have a period. Also if you are 5 weeks you would have morning sickness by now and also other pregnancy symptoms. I have never heard of any one being pregnant and still having their period so it is probably very unlikely. As for the stomach pains, what have you been eating lately. Sometimes eating too much fast food can cause you to get gas. Or you may have a stomach flu or something. The fact that the other symptoms went away after your period tell me that the symptoms were probably pre menstral. When you get pregnancy symptoms they usually stay with you throught out the pregnancy.


deedee - October 24

yes you are know go take some pills and use crack!!


Kitty - October 24

I've heard of woman having their period during the first trimester, normally it's a light flow compared to normal, the best way to tell if your pregnant is if you go to the drug store and buy a test, at least with myself it puts my mind at ease. Hope this helps.


noname - October 24

gosh, some ppl are so harsh...... have some sympathy. good luck, hope it turns out the way you wanted.


danielle - October 24

with my first pregnancy i got pregnant on christmas day and had my period on new years eve (it only lasted 2 days though) i was so relieved to get my period i didnt even notice it was so short, but wouldnt ya know a month later i found out i was 6 weeks pregnant.


tothe person who wrote to gale - October 24

erm... u can get pregnant if u still have a period an i neva had morning sickness till i was 7 weeks so do a lil bit more reading b4 u answer anova question ok!!!


Jbear - October 24

You can have a period while you're pregnant, and some people never get morning sickness...I never did. The only way you'll know for sure if you're pregnant is if you take a test. The stomach pains could be from stress.


prada - October 25

yes! Take a test!


Gaby - October 25

some of you say i had my period even though i was pregnant but it was only for a little bit of days and really light, its NOT your period its called implantation bleeding which i read its when the baby gets attached to your uterus


ca__s - October 25

yes u can get ur period... if it is light pink or a browny colour and is lighter in flow then usual then yes u can be pregnant. dont worry gale, im in the same position with no stomache pains...


ca__s - October 25

also gale if you had the were in fact pregnant, would you have the baby or abort? and where is the father if you dont mind me asking



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