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BECCA - June 13

is there any chance of me being pregnant if me and my boyfriend had unprotected s_x a week before my period and he did ejaculate in me, more than once?


Grandpa Viv - June 13

You ovulate 14 days before your period, plus or minus 2, and the egg is done for within 24 hours. You are safe a__suming that you ovulated on schedule, and you need to know that stress, sickness, antibiotics and plain cussedness can cause you to ovulate later than planned. Buy yourself some condoms and v____al spermicide, use both at the same time and don't get in tempting situations during your fertile window days 8 - 16 of 28. Good luck!


BECCA - June 13

i do have stress, and ive been sick and i take antibiotics. so do you think that my ovulation is could of been at that time?


Grandpa Viv - June 13

Considering those factors it may be that ovulation was delayed this month, in which case pregnancy is more possible than I first suggested. Are you late? Do you have any other signs? Perhaps you should take a couple of hpt at one week intervals to make sure. Use first morning pee. Good luck!


BECCA - June 14

well we just did it sunday night... he went in me like 4 sunday night and 2 times monday morning! so i dont think i would have any signs yet, and my period wont be until either this weekind or the begining of next week! and i wont have any signs yet right?? and i was going to wait until after i missed my period to take and hpt


BECCA - June 16

when should i take a hpt?


Grandpa Viv - June 16

Becca, in the unlikely event you ovulated late and got pregnant from s_x 6/11you would be late for your period this weekend, you might get a few preg. signs early next week, and a home test 6/25 first a.m. pee might tell the story. You should put this out of your mind, or you will be late just worrying about it.


BECCA - June 24



Emma2 - June 24

Unlikely that you are. And is it possible to use protection in the future?


mz_nikki_x - June 25

hi to everyone: i would say emma it is unlikely but there is there is still that possibility but the more u worry the worse it gets because me n my bf had unprotected s_x on the 11th june my period was due on saturday but i was experiencing pregnancy symptoms ie:morning sickness, lower abdomenal cramps feeling moody and not feeling me but yet the day afta i was due i came on i cant understand why i felt like this but the more you think about it the worse it can feel for you, if anyone can tell me why i had these symptoms that would be appreciated


BECCA - June 29

ok.. well just to let all know, i am pregnant, i find out how far i am tomorrow! im pretty sure that im 5 weeks along!! but ill let you klnow!


dayydreamer - June 29

so here's my story... I had s_x (may 28th) a week and a half after my period(may 18th). come this month...(june18th) No period! still no period now! I mean, Im not known to have a regular cycle..but still. I WANT a baby. Anywho, I feel like maybe I have a few symptoms? but then again maybe its just all in my head cuz I want to be pregnant so bad?? who knows my b___sts seem different. blue veins are much more prominent and theres little red spider veins that I had never noticed before... my appet_te seems to have increased... period... and I feel bloated. also, once in a while i have quick pains in my lower abs they last about a second and then go away for awhile... PLEASE!!! SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THEY THINK!!!


Grandpa Viv - June 29

Congratulations, BECCA!. a__suming you got pregnant from ovulation June 12, you will be technically 4 weeks and 4 days tomorrow. This is less than what the doc might tell you if she goes by last menstrual period. Your due date should be around the first weekend in March. Good luck!


BECCA - June 30

well the doctor took a blood test and they said i was about 2 weeks pregnant


Tootsie5c - July 1 wouldn't know that you're pregnant if you're only two weeks. You're considered two weeks pregnant when you ovulate... Something sounds wrong.


BECCA - July 1

i went to the doctor and took a blood test and they told me i was two weeks pregnant


MaMa 2 B - July 3

no its not wrong cuz the doctors usually go by the last day of ur missed period not by conception so u could b considered 2 weeks....well congrats and i hope all goes well for u!!



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