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Lilly Anne - February 22

i just had s_x for the first time on friday the 16th, it'll be a week tomorrow. and i kno i'm suppost to get my period this sunday. we didnt use a condom and i been spotting in my undies. could i be pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - February 22

If your period is due 2/25 then you ovulated 2/11 and the egg would have been done for by 2/13. Perhaps your hymen got torn or stretched and the spotting is coming from that. You will be pregnant within a year unless you learn about your fertile window and start using good contraception. Buy your own condoms and learn how to put them on him so they don't break. Don't have s_x at all during the fertile window. It's not as important to guys whether you get pregnant or not. Good luck!


xoxticiaxox - February 22

I find every girl who has s_x for the first time...thinks shes pregnant! USE CONDOMSSSS! Its sooo important! Unless you are trying to get pregnant...which I dont think is a good idea if you are young....Good luck hun, hope your not preg!


afireinsideamanda - February 28

oh babe.... ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS USE A CONDOM. i dont care what he says, if he loves you he wont pressure you to NOT. i ended up pregnant and in this situation because i let myself be pressured "oh dont you love me?? dont you want to have a baby with the man you love? whats wrong??" and i felt like after the first time, i had to let him not every time. MAKE HIM USE THEM, please, i am begging you. you will find yourself in a very unpleasant situation with an unplanned pregnancy if you dont sweetheart. im not sure how old you are, but im jsut about to be 19...and i wish id waited. i do. just be careful for your own sake. dont wait on college, get into it immediately after highschool. i wish i had. if you miss your period for a week, then you can start flipping out. thats what happened with me. i suggest if you buy a pregnancy test to get one of those that are digital that says either pregnant or not pregnant. i got one with the two bars , or the plus or minus symbol. sometimes you cant tell the results. try after missing your period for a week , and take one of those tests. the best of luck to you, make him wrap it up from now on! xo


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 28

Condoms are cheaper then a baby so if money is one issue as to why or getting caught up in the moment is another you can't do that. I hope ou aren't pregnant...but I do suggest that you do everything that you can. If not next time at least use plan b (Emergency Contrception) the day after. Your young and you have a life ahead of you, I don't know your age but I think anything from 19 and under is young, me being 18 and getting pregnant using a condom. Its always good to think before you do something.



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