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Melislookinforanswers - September 25

Okay, so i posted a little while ago about some symptoms i've been having. But there is more now. My last period started September 10th. and my fiance and i have started having s_x ever since without using a condom or any protection. From what i gather right around now is the best chance to concieve due to my ovulation. but when i lay down at night i feel like my stomach is really gassy, i've been having like a heart burn sensation but its very mild. My stomach is also VERY bloated, i already look about 3 months prego. and i've never looked like this before! I have terrible headaches it seems. & now i seem VERY tired. Yesterday i took a 4 hr. nap & was still tired after; thats not like me at all. Is there any possibilty i could be pregnant and having these symptoms early, i know its too small, but it seems as though theres a whole new world starting in my belly? also, sometimes i get sharp pains in my side.


GimmeaBub - September 26

Hey ya there is a possibilty, depends on whe implantation occured, so is your cycle regular? when your next AF due, wait till about 5 days before AF then start testing but if you can try and hold tight you may be best to start testing the day your AF is due because that way you will get a better results Best of luck hun


Melislookinforanswers - September 26

i have a 28-30 day cycle. the past few months its been a 30 day cycle. Im so excited it seems 2 weeks is about 3 months haha.


kendra.marie - September 26

all these signs may not be pregnancy but they maybe your best bet is to wait like gimmeabub said 5 days before your next cycle should begin & they will be your best bet; we all don't know answers we can only go off what we think. how do you know you are ovulation? do you temp, check cm & do opks? not everyone ovulated 14 days before there next period? everyones different opks, temping & cm is the best ways to determine whats going on with your body. so hope you gett this baby if this is what you want. im ttc also. first month is OCTOBER= i cant wait


ChattyKathy - September 26

You should be due for your period by now. Just go ahead and test.


Melislookinforanswers - September 27

i've been trying to do temp checks, but ive been sick the past week so i didnt know if that would affect it & not get a actual answer, but thank you go for comments, i really appreciate your help! =]


kendra.marie - September 27

your welcome!


Melislookinforanswers - September 27

where could i find a BBC chart? what websites do you guys know of? thanks =]


MaybeATeenMommy - September 30

Please read my question posted in the fourm, if you are pregnant please tell me my symptoms are clost to yours, i only had heart burn 2 times and i am so bloated with cramps!



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