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scared101 - September 13

My boyfriend & I were making out for a while, & I noticed that his jeans felt moist. We both were fully clothed, but I don't want to ask him if he prec_mmed or anything. I was kinda wet anyway, so I don't know if it was all from me or what. Is there a possibility I could be preganant? I know that if it reached my vulva, then I could be, but I don't know & I'm really scared. Could sperm have gone through 4 layers of clothes(underwear & jeans on both of us) and still gone up to my uterus? i know this is a dumb question, but I'm kinda freaked out!


Cakes - September 13

You'd have to be VEEEEEEERRY fertile for that to happen babe! Don't worry about it. You have a 99.999999999999.......% of not being pregnant.


scared101 - September 13

ok, i hope so bc I'm a virgin and this just really freaked me out. i just know that i've been off my period for about a week & am going to for sure tell him to be more careful. anyone else have opinions? i mean, am i desperate enough to take an ec?


Viv - September 13

You seem pretty informed. The general consensus is that sperm will not make it through layers of clothing. There's too much of a chance for it to dry out. I wouldn't be worried enough to take an EC, though you might just for your peace of mind. Its only good for the first 72 hours, though. If you are like most other young people, you and the b/f will become more intimate and take more risks as time goes by. Each time you knock down a hurdle, there's no putting it back up. Just negotiate before each petting session how far you are going to go, and don't let your emotions run away with you. When the negotiations reach the intercourse stage, you will be well set up to plan proper birth control. For the record, my observation is that most young women who take virginity pledges let them slip by their early 20s, or get married young.


scared101 - September 13

see though, i dont want to take an ec unless i have to, but its 2 1/2-3 more weeks til i'm due for my period again. its only been about 48 hours, so i'm trying to figure this out fast.thanks for your help


u r gay - September 14

u r a dumba__s


WeAreScared - September 18

My boyfriend and I were having dry s_x in our underwear. He somewhat had his p___s inside me, not very far, but he did. Then I took his p___s out and had it go through my underwear into my v____a... although he didn't c_m, he may have prec_mmed. Am i pregnant?



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