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Daile - September 16

My last period was the last two weeks of July...I took a hpt on the 8th of Sept., but it was negative. Should I be worried? I've had headaches, gas, and severe fatigue. Is something else wrong with me??


Viv - September 16

No sore b___bs or frequent peeing or food fussiness? Gas and fatigue sound good. Take another hpt using first pee in the morning. Read and follow all the other instructions carefully. Whatever the outcome, it sounds as though you need a doctors appointment. Good luck.


Monica - September 16

Hello, My name is Monica and i am 17. I live in Wisconsin. I think i might be pregnant but i am unsure. Here are my symptoms about why i think this way...... My last normal period was August 26th ( so i am not late ) I am suppose to get it around next friday. On the 14th and 15th.... (yesterday and the day before ) i noticed that i was spotting. This was really unusual to me considering my period ain't supposed to be here yet. I have also noticed that lately my appet_te has changed dramatically, i have back pains. I also have cramps... a lot like menstrual cramps.. they hurt really bad sometimes it is hard to move. I don't really know if you can help me or not but i would really appreciate if you could e-mail me and let me know either way... my e-mail is [email protected] Thank you so much, Monica


Daile - September 17

Viv, thanks for the advice. I had a doctor's appointment today...a urine test and a blood test both came back neg. I'm supposed to go back Wednesday for another blood test. If it's neg the doc is going to either start me on the Depo shot or give me a week of hormones to start my period, then give me the shot. Thanks for your help!!


Daile - September 18

Viv, I think I need your help again. I've had light cramps on and off all day, but they woke me up around it's almost 2 am and it hurts soooo bad!!! The cramps are on my left side and right below my feels like menstrual cramps, only worse. Also, I've had to pee like 20 times today....what should I do???



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