Could I Be Pregnant HELP So Scared

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sandraa - March 19

So last thursday me and my boyfriend had s_x. I'm 15 and he is 16. We are both no longer virgins. The thing is though...we didn't use any protection, and now I'm scared I might be pregnant. Though I do not think it is likely, as we didn't really do it long...I have a habit of worrying over nothing, so maybe this is one of those times? Or not. How long can it take for me to show signs of being pregnant? We did it last thursday and today (sunday) I got my period. I WAS expecting it...I'm really confused. All this high language about how many days after having concepation...I don't even know what concepation is!!!? Anyways, HOW can I know if I'm pregnant or not? WHEN will I know? And how long should I wait untill I take a pregnancy test? Please help me...I'm really scared.


Esmie - March 19

If you're having a normal period, then you aren't pregnant. And honestly, it doesn't matter how long the two of you had s_x for. Even if it lasted for only 20 seconds and he didn't ejaculate, pregnancy would still be a risk. Either get on hormonal birth control, or buy some condoms before the two of you have s_x again. Sorry, but pregnancy is something you should be worried about *before* you engage in s_x, not after.


Grandpa Viv - March 19

If the only time you have s_x is in the week before you expect your period, and a normal period comes as and when expected, you are not pregnant. The egg is released (ovulation) two weeks before your expected period and it lasts only a day or two. I hope you are able to stick with your new resolve, but if you waver, at least get properly informed before your next encounter. Good luck!


ash2 - March 19

your best bet is too wait untill you miss your next period to see if it comes. if your period came today, depending on how long it lasted , you should be safe. however, women can still have there period and be pregnant, but the flow could be alot less. just wait untill your next period comes, and if it does, then you are safe, but if it doesnt, i would get a pregnancy test. alot of friends of mine have said they that first period after s_x , but it was very light. honestly at 15, i think s_xual intercourse should be the last thing on your mind considering you dont even know what conception is, so if i were you, if i were this worried about pregnancy, i would stick to my school work , and hold off on this type of thing untill you have grown up a little. good luck



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