Could I Be Pregnant I M So Scared Help

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amy - September 12

my step brothers friend raped me on july 5. my period was due around july 17 and its not come. i be 14 in october. my mum is very strict. i cant talk to her. one of my sisters got pregnant at 16 a few years ago and my mum and dad went really mad. they forced her to move out. it split them up too. i dont know what to do. please tell me i cant be pregnant.


Shorty - August 12

Darls, I am so very sorry that you went thru that. No girl should ever exprience that. Have you gone to the police about it? There is a chance you could be pregnant, so I would tell your mum and dad, they wont be mad at you honey... you were raped, if anything they will be very upset at the fact that you were put in that awful situation. Please don't feel like this is your fault because it is so not!!! Even if you go and get a pregnancy test to see if that shows up anything. If you feel like you can't tell your mum, please tell a friend or someone you trust. That way you are not alone in this and you have support.


Katie - August 15

after having my baby my parents chucked me out of their home i had to stay in a hostle - not a pleasent experience- i now live with my nan she has been very suportive of me and my new life. you need to talk to someone who can give suport about what you went though and what may happen in the new future. hopefully if you are pregnant you will come to a decision that is best for you, in England the schools can help you to get an abortion without your parents Knowing but only do that of you think its right good luck and god bless XXX


Jess - August 15

God is with you.


J - August 15

Did you take the ECP?


shode - August 18

well dont worry,have you got a friend to talk to?that would help.I am nearly 16 and my periods are always later,its your body.Have you had any signs like putting weight on,headarc's,sickness?dont worry,if you do,your period wont come because you are so stressed,just relax.


amy - August 19

i went to my sis and my aunt who my sis lives with & they got me a preg test & it was positive. i got really upset & told them about the rape. my aunt is arranging an abortion for me & is letting me stay with her. she doesnt want me going home. shes really nice she took my sis in when she was pregnant. they want to take me to the police but i don't think i can face it. its not like i can prove it. thanks every1. your words help.


Choo Choo - August 22

You were raped honey... your parents can't get p__sed at you for that. It's not your fault... talk to them.


amy - August 23

my mum isnt p__sed at me. she doesnt even know yet. my mum thinks i'm just having a holiday to my sis & aunts place. my aunt blames my mum for what happened to me. thats why she doesnt want me going home.



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