Could I Be Pregnant Please Answer Me Im Kinda Nervous

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Nix Jix - October 9

Well first of all im still a virgin so i haven't had any intercourse but this is killing me! the thing is that well for making the story short i was with my boyfriend and things let to other things and i started to give him a hand job but he didn't come and it was super fast like i only felt his natural lubricant in my hand. ( keep in mind y didn't touch myself or he didn't touch my va___a) well i got home and did some things, i changed clothes but forgot to wash my hands. after a while we started talking on the phone and out of nowhere i rubbed myself with the same hand i was rubbing him but it was not wet or anything, i tought i didn't had anything but now after a couple of weeks im starting to get really nervous because i haven't had my period ( because i usually start like the first two weeks of the month and when it happened was last month) so im still expecting my period to come... and so i ask: could i be pregnant even tho there wasn't no s_xual intercourse? i know it may seem like a stupid question but please give me an honest answer because i do not know nobody that could help me. thank you.


Meelliissaaxo - October 9

Its almost impossible to get pregnant from touching your v____a with the same hand you touched him with. sperm cannot live in the air that long anyways!


ChattyKathy - October 10

Sweetie, you cannot get pregnant from that. Sperm can only live so many hours in open air, and it was very unlikely that any live sperm got on your hand at all. If any did happen to be there, they would have to be able to swim the right direction towards your v____a before you pulled your hand away, swim all the way up inside you, and find an egg. Very slim chances there.


jen23 - October 10

its impossible hun. no sperm would actually enter ur v____a this way. u might just be stressed and thats why u missed ur period. theres lots of reasons for mssing a period so try not to worry. theres no chance u could be pregnant.......... keep in touch


Nix Jix - October 10

hmmm well yeah maybe you guys are right, but i don't know im still kinda nervous. LIke now i see like sticky white/yellowish stuff on my panties alot more than usual, im getting a little chubby and all that so i really don't know. I can't buy a pregancy test or anything to make sure because nobody i know can buy one for me =( and yes im really stressed out about this and i have never missed a period...


GimmeaBub - October 11

Stressin out can make your period late hun, seriously i dont think you have anything to worry about, the sperm has to get right up inside your v____a and close to your cervix for you to become pregnant, thats pretty far in, I cant even get my finger up there lol (i was ttc so i was checking my cervix) so, I think you need relax, everyone here pretty much knows your not pregnant, and i bet the moment you stop stressing your period will be there and waiting. Also the white yellish discharge your having can actually be caused from you getting your period, because it's the breakdown of a lining around your ovary when an egg hasnt been fertilised. Relax! Baby Juice



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