Could I Be Pregnate

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Peggy - July 14

I'm 15 and July 1st I had protected s_x with my boyfriend. But the condom ripped in the middle and we didn't know it ripped untill it was over. I have no signs of being pregnate but I'm still scared. But also, I had an accident last year and ever since then, my period has been wacky. It was amonth late once, i get really sick sometimes, and sometimes it lasts for only 3 days. I just don't know what to do.


Audrey - July 15

Peggy- The first thing to do is get a home pregnancy test and follow the directions. If you are having abnormal periods you should see a doctor anyway. Best wishes!


TO ME - July 16

let me guess your another adult on a teen site then...get a life!


me - July 16

ive paid taxes for 2 years my boyfriend has for 5 still a teenager but am also an adult!! dont preach about you paying taxes....your paying taxes for alot of things not just teenage mums!!!!


teen mums are dumba__ses - July 16

my point is i would prefer to give to old peoples pensions (except asians) who have slaved to help create what australia is today. NOT HORNY TEENS WITH NO BRAINS WHO WANT HAND OUTS FOR s_x DRUGS AND ALCOHOL!!!!


me - July 16

oh my god. is that what you really think happens with the money.. you are a bigger fool then you sound!! you need to grow up and try to be less judgemental!


me - July 16

so let me get this right have a problem with teenagers and asians..and paying taxes.....sounds like you should find a councellor dear. ANGER MANAGMENT comes to mind!!


no problem with taxes - July 16

I have no problem with taxes!! its where the money from the taxes go!! to you whoes who spend it on coccaine and alcohol. P.S AUSTRALIA IS FULL OF TOO MANY ASIANS!! WE ARE BEING TAKEN OVER!! HELP!! THEY BREED LIKE CRAZY!!


me - July 16

im from england..we just got london b__wn up by them but i dont tar them all with the same brush! which is what you are doing with teenagers. I DONT LIVE ON BENEFITS. we are not all the not a whore, i dont sell myself for s_x...though obviously you would advise that so you dont have "pay" for "us".you have to realise that we aint bad people you make us sound like SUICIDE BOMBERS!! we've just had children thats all. and i for one with my partner are completly doing it alone!!!!


ummmmm - July 16

umm in case you hadnt noticed. the people that bombed london were from the middle east...


lol - July 16

lol yeah 'me' your pretty dumb if you say terrorists from asia


me - July 16

incase you hadnt read it...they were from yorkshire in england but their families are asians.


me - July 16

asians are pakistanis..leboniese..etc.. im english but could be born in spain..that would make me spanish .. are you with me?? asia is a contenant not a country!!!


sorry - July 16

im not the one that hates asians, but sorry my bad!


yup - July 16

Middle East is a region loosely defined by geography and culture, located in south-western Asia and north-eastern Africa.


ME !! - July 16

thats okay atleast you can admitt when youre wrong lol xx


me - July 16

hey i dont think their culture is right..infact half of it sounds bloody stupid.



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