Could I Get Pregnant From This

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Kyvi - June 5

i had s_x and the guy came in my pants that were on the floor... i went to put them back on and of course they had c_m all over them, so we wiped it off with a shirt and i had to put them back on but i didnt have any underwear and the pants were kind of damp where the c_m had was mostly in the butt part of my pants...but then when i got home i looked at my pants and there may have been some in the crotch of my pants...but it could have just been mine....but could i get pregnant from wat was left in my was just dampness...


angel - June 5

its possible but unlikely. sperm can't really survive in the environment. if you're concerend take a pregnancy test. however i'm a bit confused, you had s_x but the guy came on your pants that were on the floor?


Audrey - June 5

Kyvi- Now for a REAL answer. If the s____n was still fresh there could have been a chance, especially if you happened to be in your fertile zone (days 9-16). Sperm are a hardy lot; any sperm that contacts the v____al area can make its way inside. Next time, have your bf use a condom or change your pants.


docter marie - June 6

questions of this sort shouldn't be asked to under educated plz and sweetie theres no way you could have got pregnant from this but got to the doc and get a std test


To Doctor Marie - June 6

Undereducated is one word.


kyvi - June 6

i just want to clarify some things...first of all i had to put my pants back on..wat else would i wear home? we were in truck and he didnt kno he came on them...and to everyone who thinks that theres no way u could get pregnant like that...well how do u figure? if there was sperm and it got in me...then i think i could get pregnant....if your going to be immature and rude about it then i'd prefer u didnt write it....i expected the people that replied to this to be a bit more mature...yea you may think i am to immature to be having s_x wich isnt true....but they things that you write just make u look stupid because of how childish they are....don't judge when you don't kno all of the facts


to kyvi - June 6

there is a chance of pregnancy, but in my opinion i dont think it would be very big, especially if u weren't in ur fertile zone. However, i dont know if u were or not, so i think u should wait for a missed period or any pregnancy signs, and take an hpt. Or you may go see ur docotr. And yes, i agree, some people are to immature to be on this site. And just because ur a teenager, doesn't mean u r to immature to have s_x. Good luck Kyvi! cool name by the way.


kyvi - June 6

hey...thanks to the people that are being mature about this..and thanks about the name thing my full name is kyvianna..haha ... well i dont think ill be going to see a doctor...first of all my parents would flip...and second of all i really hope im not pregnant becuase the guy is a little to old for me...i need the luck..thanx


marie cline .md - June 7

sorry about that girl didn't mean to be blunt or think that i know it all im an retired GYN any ques feel free


Dr. Phil - June 7

The sperm will have died by then.


m/meg - June 13

NO,sperm dies when it hits oxigen...


sick - June 13

Ew, that's just nasty.


Audrey - June 13

To m/meg- Read my post called Sperm 101. Sperm does not die instantly when it hits the air. The s____n has to dry out completely first which can take several minutes.


secret - June 20



no - June 20

no the sperm would die man i swear some of these questions are messed up


Kayse - June 21

Like angel said sperm cant really survive so if your really concerned like she said then you should take a pregnancy test just to be safe!!goodluck girl!! be safe!



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