Could My Twins Have Different Dads

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teesha - August 23

I just had a twin a month ago and I'm worried. They don't look anything like each other, I don't know how they can be twins then but the doctors said they are. anyway, I was sleeping with two guys when I got preg and haven't been sure about whose the daddy. Could they have differint dads?


JANIe - August 23

No, it cant be. There are fraternal twins, and identical twins. Your twins are fraternal, or maybe too young to tell at this point. But don't worry not all twins look alike. Relax, and just think about getting a DNA so the twins father can be a part of their life, if not just financially. Good Luck.


Grandpa Viv - August 23

Occasionally a woman will ovulate from both ovaries, usually less than 24 hours apart. If sperm from two different males were present, it seems possible that fraternal twins could have different fathers.


Fun Fact, Glad it aint me! - August 24

All right, then. Not only is it possible for fraternal twins to have different fathers, it has actually happened. There's even a medical term for it: superfecundation. The cla__sic case, which is discussed in Williams Obstetrics (1980), was recorded in 1810 by John Archer, the first doctor to receive a medical degree in the United States. According to Archer, a white woman who had s_x with a black man and a white man within a short time subsequently gave birth to twins--one white, one mulatto. Other cases have been reported since.


Continue... - August 24

Rarer still is "heteropaternal superfecundation," or fraternal twins with different fathers. After a woman in China gave birth to different s_x twins, the husband accused her of having s_x with another man and refused responsibility for the children. Blood tests and enzyme markers proved he was indeed the father of the girl though not the boy. "Confronted with the evidence, the mother admitted to having s_x with a second man within a three-day period at the time of conception," reported the Journal of Forensic Science.


Megan - August 24

Yep, its possible


wow - August 24



Cheryl - August 24

Maybe it is possible they have different dads. We have a lot of twins in my family. One of my aunts had twins and one had black hair and brown eyes, the other had red hair and blue eyes but they had the same father. The only way to know for sure is a DNA.


Raiin - August 25

yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you could have super twins .............


Sarah M. - August 25

It is really interesting to learn about this - I had no idea that it was possible. I was reading the question and thought "Pffht - No! That's supid, of course the can't have different fathers." Shows how much I know! Thanks for the information!


Jesi - August 25

Wow, imagine carrying collin ferrel and brad pitt twin babies!!! Hey!! A girl can dream can't she??


Yes - August 26

It means your a s___t!



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