Could Something Be Wrong With My Baby

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GINA - August 24

im 17 years old and 3 months pregnant by my 18 year old bf i love him very much. but he doesnt know im pregnant yet. no one knows. i know i'll have to tell them eventually cuz i'll be starting to show but just too much has been going boyfriend has been sick alot and was told that he has hodgkins cancer words cant even discribe how i feel right now. i havnt told him about that baby b/c of all this and because im scared. because of him having cancer will this affect my pregnancy? i wont abort the baby if my parents tell me to b/c i love my bf and i love this baby. and the other day my bf had to start radiation because of a tumor in his chest. he was told that he also had a tumor also in is groian and there is a possiblity that he may not be able to have childern. so i will keep this baby. but im scared what if somthing goes wrong. can something be wrong with our baby?


Shana - August 24

DON'T DRINK, DON'T SMOKE, DON'T LIFT HEAVY ITEMS, TAKE PRE-NATAL VITAMINS, AND DON'T BE HARD ON OUR BODY. The only thing that could happen would be a miscarriage but you can't control those. BE CAREFUL! Good Luck!


karine - August 24

Shana is right. but also i think that your Bf may be happy that you are pregnant, cause he might never have other chances of parenting a child, due to what he has. Maybe it would give him sothing to fight for.your baby will be fine, but you need to get an obgy appointment to make sure the baby is fine, you will need to take extra good care of yourself. good luck and keep us posted


gina - August 25

i told my bf that i was pregnant he couldnt have been more happier. he said that i was the best thing in his life and now that i was going to be carrying his child and possibly his only child...hes just really happy. but when i told my mom she wasnt happy. but she said she would be here for me. my dad wont even talk to me. but im just so afaird that im going to his lose my bf and that i'll alone. i've never smoked and i drank once but was nasty. im going to be good and do everything right so i dont lose this baby.


Natalie - August 25

Good for you Gina, great att_tude! Everyone is worried during pregnancy about complications and problems. Just be sensible, do as your dr tells you, and im sure u will be fine. Congratulations of your pregnancy btw :) Im glad your boyfriend is happy to be a daddy. Look after yourself girl xx



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