Could This Be Early Labor Should I Call L Amp D

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waitngformyangel - November 8

okay today i am 37w1d. i believe i lost a bit of my mucus plug apprx 3 weeks ago.. i guess to describe it it looked like i blew my today i have been feeling some pinching feeling at first it was at the top.. VERY light but it lasted for about 2-21/2 hrs straight... then it moved down to under my belly i guess my uterus.. thats been going on for about 2 hrs now too... at first it was just constant... but now it eased a little and it comes and goes... i can only describe it as a pinching feeling..i really dont know how to describe it..this is my first pg. and so i really dont know what to expect...or how to feel. lol i texted mommy and told her what i was feeling and she said yah those are contractions.. but i was just wondering.. should i like go to l&d or should i just wait it out?? i mean i really dont want to worry mom or go to hospital and just get sent back home i really want me little girl now. thanks and any advice would be very greatful. god bless.


AddysMummy - November 8

If it has eased off it is most likely braxton hicks contractions which are practice contractions. Just relax and walk around a bit. If it gets painful start timing them.


HeavenisMine - November 8

I get pinching pains often and some painful BH contractions too (38wks3days) and have already been to l&d once for a false alarm because I lost some bloody mucous (twice in the same week!) Still not in actual labor though. Feel free to go in and get checked if you are even just concerned or the feeling becomes overwhelming. Peace of mind is good since every labor is different. Try drinking some water and laying down too. That can tell you a lot :)


krista-lee - November 9

hey hun! i had horrible braxton hicks the last 4 weeks with my son. I actually thought i was in labor and went to L&D once, but i got sent home because i wasnt in labor. Before you have your baby, your body kinda gets prepared for it... and since you are now full term you'll feel the cramps more often and they might be a little more painful. If its really labor hun, i can promise you that you'll know! The contractions will always come back and they will be evenly spaced apart (like once every 3 minutes, and as time pa__ses they will get a little worse each time. You'll have lots of time to realize your in labor, so dont worry about not making it in time or anything, i would wait it out :) Make sure if your pain continues you call the L&D department and talk to them before you go in, good luck hun! i wish you a happy labor and a healthy baby girl!



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