Could This Get Me Pregnant

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ampdream - July 20

This is my boyfriend and I have s_x and I am 3 days late for my period (not much I know I'm just very paranoid !!) Last week when we had s_x, he came in a condom and then got rid of it and wiped off his happy place quickly, then we decided to go again so I gave him head and then we did it just for like a minute before putting a condom on. Could there have been sperm still left on his p__s after wiping it a little and having head that could have gotten me pregnant?


amanda17 - July 20

There's a very very very very very very very very VERY small chance. Maybe your period is late because you're stressing out so much.


Krissy25 - July 20

Well i doubt any sperm left on his p___s from the first time would have lived but there could have been some in the prec_m. And since he was inside you unprotected there is a chance, a very slim chance, that you could have gotten pregnant from that. Since you are already late i suggest you take a pregnancy test, there should be no problems with accuracy at this point. Good luck.


Grandpa Viv - July 20

Period due Jul 17, ovulation was likely July 3. Anything you did last week was outside the fertile window and pretty safe, but what you did was not good practice. Could you have done something Independence Day week that was a tad risky? Do you have any early preg signs, like PMS but different? Not so? Then you are prehaps just late. Good luck!


dontremember - July 21

Unlikely, but possible all the same


ampdream - July 22

Thank you all so much for your answers. And about the "PMS but different", I am totally feeling that. Like cramps sort of in that area but not really cramps..idk. I mean I don't think I'm pregnant really, but I'm just so scared that I am. My period still hasn't come, so today my friend and I are gonna go get a pregnancy test that will ease my paranoia until my period does start...hopefully it does.


Krissy25 - July 22

Good luck, let us know how it turns out.


ampdream - July 23

I took the test yesterday and it said I wasn't pregnant! But I still haven't started my period..? which makes me 6 days late. So idk..hopefully it wasn't wrong. So if my period still doesn't start in like 4 or 5 more days, I'm going to take the other test and see.


ampdream - July 23

also i've been peeing a little more, my b___sts are super tender (i can't even sleep on my stomach), and i'm craving oranges?


mizz angel - July 23



amanda17 - July 23

Well you are having pregnancy symptoms, I think you would be wise to test again in a little while. Your period can be delayed for lots of reasons so be patient.


Grandpa Viv - July 23

I'm still going with my Independence Day hypothesis. You haven't said you have been having s_x right along, but I guess it is true. Late, weird cramps, peeing more, sore b___sts, and cravings all figure. How about unusually tired, emotional, lotion discharge, lightheaded, diarrhea or other gut upsets, runny nose, weird dreams, smells are different, low backache, veins showing more, worse acne etc? Wait a week before taking the second test and use first morning pee. If it is still negative the chances are that something else is the matter. Good luck!


durante baby - July 23

If you stress about being pregnant, it can cause your period to be late. the same goes for if you are exercising more then you usually do, haveing s_x more then you usually do, or even a change in your diet. Any change in your normal daily habits can delay your period. I think stress is the cause of your period being late, relax if the test came back negitive then chances are you arent pregnant. but like you said retest if you still havent started in a week. Your pregnancy symptoms may just be your mind playing tricks on you, even the craveings, you may just be more observant of your normal period symptoms.


ampdream - July 25

Ok so I began having more and more symptoms... weird cramps, peeing more, sore b___sts, cravings, really tired and emotional, diarrhea, runny nose, weird dreams, low backache, worse acne...pretty much everything grandpa viv I got impatient about waiting and took the second test this morning..... I'm pregnant........i'm having a baby...............ALJSDFGHAKSDJFHLAKSJDFHLAKSJFHAKSJDFHLKJHFLAKSJDHFLKJLKAJFHLSKDJFHL. I'M 17!!!!!!!


amanda17 - July 25



Grandpa Viv - July 25

Congratulations, amp! You sound thrilled, and I hope everything works out for you. Do everything in your power to graduate high school. Good luck!


amanda17 - July 25

It sounded like panic to me :P It's ok that was my first reaction too haha.



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