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tennesseewlkr07 - January 20

okay everyone ive got a really weird question, everyone already knows im like 6 weeks now, but i feel like im already showing more than i should. is it possible that i was pregnant when i had my last period? and i just didnt have enough hcg to get a positive pregnancy test? ive heard of people have periods while they were pregnant? Im just worried that i might be further along than i think i am or im carrying twins and i havnt had any prenate care yet my first appt is on the 24th. . please help . . and if im just paranoid tell me lol


babyonboard16 - January 20

well i dunno but i kinda worried like that in the beginning but just hold on its only 4 days away


tennesseewlkr07 - January 20

yeah but that kinda seems like FOREVER lol , im just a worrier i guess


San - January 21

You're paranoid :P Seriously though, I thought the same with my first. I was way bigger than I thought I should be for my dates, but I wasn't. At least I was further along than I actually was. Does that make sense? You ahve 4 days sweetie, prob 3 by the time you read this, you will find out then for sure! GL


San - January 21

K, that made NO sense what so ever. I meant to say that I LOOKED further along than I was :)


freebird - January 21

I had twins and you wouldn't be larger than normal yet if you were having multiples. The baby is about the size of a grain of rice at this point. Twin pregnancies don't really measure larger than normal until the second trimester (about 15 weeks)


tennesseewlkr07 - January 21

but what if i was pregnant when i had my last period. it only lasted for like 3 days and was really really light and i normally had heavy menstrual cycles. but im just now (since the 9th)getting a positive on a pt?


ChattyKathy - January 21

The only way to tell is to go to the doctor and have an ultrasound. But at 6 weeks you should be bloating and looking pretty big anyway.


freebird - January 22

BTW - If this is your first pregnancy (I'm just a__suming it is because this is the teen board) you really don't know how much you 'should' be showing at 6 weeks. You can't really compare your body to another person's because everyone carries differently depending on your body type and the angle/position of you uterus, etc. I should have specified in my last post that if you are measuring large for your dates at this point it's most likely not from multiples this early on. Once you have your ultrasound you'll know for sure. GL!


CAROL - January 22

It's really unlikely that you're further along. If you were, you would have had a positive pregnancy test much sooner. Like weeks sooner. So, don't worry about it. It's common and normal to be bloated like crazy at this stage. It's not baby, it's just bloat. Of course, twins is always a possibility, but just a small one. Tell your doctor on Wednesday. They'll put your concerns at rest.



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