Could This Mean I Could Be Pregnant

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girlygirl - November 22

me and my bf had s_x about a month ago and he didn't pull out at the right time and he got some in me but not all of it so now i was to have my period on the 18 of November and it is the 22 of November and even though i don't have my period i still have little of this brown and redish stuff coming out of me please help mme and let me know if i can be really pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lala - November 22

Yes there is a chance that you are pregnant. Your chances are lower with prec_m, but you still may be pregnant. Get a hpt test with 25 mgl sensitivity or at most a blood test.


Ashley - November 23

I agree with Lala. You need to get a test. But I do disagree however about prec_m. It contians more sperm and has a high intensity of fertilizing the egg before the guy even ejaculates. If you go to your doctors office for a blood test go in there with a list of questions. Don't be afraid to ask anything that's why he's there. YOu can ask him about pre-ejaculation because I might be wrong but this is what my OB told me.... Some doctors have diffrent views.


Christine - November 23

It is very possible that you are pregnant...and as you said it is not just the case of pre c_m...he started to ejaculate and pulled out while doing so...same thing that happened to me and I am now 5 months pregnant...and as well with my second child I got pregnant off of good luck to you...get a test...if that shows neg and you are still your doc for a blood test..


lala - November 23{5FE84E90-BC77-4056-A91C-9531713CA348}


lala - November 23

The article above is from webmd. It shows how sperm is lower count in prec_m. This also makes very good sense because the withdrawl method (only prec_m) is 75% effective while no protection (ejaculation) is 15% effective


Grandpa Viv - November 23

Let's see, a month ago would have been before or during your last period? That's not a high risk time, and if you got pregnant that far back I think you would have been posting here a couple of weeks ago, not now. Have you had s_x since? The weird period you are currently experiencing sounds a little bit like implantation, but it could also be just old blood and an upset cycle. I wouldn't hit the panic b___ton yet! My advice is to wait a couple of weeks before taking a home pregnancy test, especially if you start experiencing other early signs of pregnancy. Good luck!


tenaya - December 11

chances are u are preg but it could just be old blood it happens to me everyonce in a while. but i would go see a doc.



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