Could This Mean Im Pregnant Confused

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celediaz - November 20

sorry if theres tmi but heres my question. im supposed to get my period [nov.6] i had s_x on sat. [nov.3]. also on october 13. ive been trying to get pregnant for months already. nov.5..i started feeling some kind of cramps.. went to check if i had my period but i only had a little line it was not really red but more of a pink with some clear discharge... later on nov 6 i saw that i had almost nothing on my pad but kind of alot of blood came down when i used the bathroom. then later at night it stopped so i thought it was gone. nov.7th im was getting clots when i go to the bathroom and some on my pad. i also noticed that my nipples are turning kind of a purple-ish color they are also kind of poped out idk how to explain it. but they don t like normal..and i can see vains really clear its weird. today i also had some cramps only on one side. ive been feeling like throwing up alot lately and headaches. im confused..can anyone help? does this sound like pregnancy to you? oh on sat.nov 17 i took a pregnancy test and came back neg/ im not sure if its too early or should i get a blood test? ?


ShoppingForTwo - November 20

Yes, take a test its Nov. 20th


ShoppingForTwo - November 20

If it comes back - again I would see the doc asap. If you are pregnant early prenatal care is important


Grandpa Viv - November 20

Hmm! With a period due Nov 6, ovulation would have been Oct 23, and s_x Oct 13 would not be very likely to get you pregnant - you would just have been ending your Oct period. Even so, your signs are good. Some women do not test positive until a couple of weeks late. Try again next weekend using first morning pee. Good luck!


PreciousBaby19 - November 21

If you have a negative when your period is late trya nd going and talking to your doctor because they can give you a blood test so that you can put your worry at ease. Hope you get the result you want. goodluck. if you didn't use a condom and you dont want to get pregnatn..try getting on some form of birth control so you dont have this scare again. goodluck.


celediaz - November 25

its me again..i did a test on sat nov.24 again and it came out neg again..the symptoms kind of went away except for some cramps now and then.what to do??


hope-31 - November 25

go see a doctor



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