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Nanna Ronni - May 24

Just a thought that keeps coming up for me whilst browsing some of thses posts. Most of you will know what a paedophile is, so are you aware that this is the type of site that they would be looking through to find their next victim. They prey on young and vunerable people. They will befirend you. You wont even imagine they could harm you or your children, but before you know it they will have gained your trust, and then hey presto, they have got you. I dont mean to scare monger you young girls, but I really feel you all need to be so cautious as to who you are giving your contact details to. We already can see by the malicious posts that occur how it is so easy to keep your ident_ty a secret on here, so can you really be sure you are talking to someone who says they are in the same situation as your selves. They might just be saying that to pull you in and make you feel safe.PLEASE BE CAREFUL EVERYONE.


d - May 24



nyc - May 31

thank you for being coserne about all of us i see where youre comeing 4rm but i dont really think that anyone really thinks of it like you but thanks


wot bout u - June 1

u cud b one 4 all we know ''nanna ronni''


anon - June 1

yeh...i am bit sus of that person that claims to be 'maya'


to anon - June 1

maya is harmless.why do ppl pick on her?


becca - June 1

nanna ronni is nice she is a mates mum and she is not a fake, what she is sayin is completely right


Nanna Ronni - June 2

Thanks Becki for vote of confidence. As for myself being a s_x offender, fortunatly no l am not, l know how they opperate as l used to work for the probation service here in the UK and worked with enough of this type of person, to know the patterns of behaviour. There is already a post on these boards that concerns me as they are very good at making out they are in the same boat as you, and want folk to give them email addys and then yes they have the opening to contact you direct..


Gabee - June 2

Nanna Ronni, what do you think about Grandpa Viv? The biggest ? in everyone's mind is am I pregnant and he gives his email out and it begins with amipregnant ...


Nanna Ronni - June 2

Gabbee, l dont really know about grandpa viv, l have looked at numerous amounts of posts of his, and yes he is very knowledgeable about pregnancy and symptoms, but yes if a peadophile is as good as they sometimes can be, he could be making himself knowledgeable to all the information to lure someone in. Or the other thought that has crossed my mind is that he might be somebody in the medical profession who cares, but then who knows. I know he posted a note after one of my posts which l thought was a nice gesture. But only he can answer, and l am not going to cast aspersions against anyone intentionally. I just hope you all will think about giving your addys out. If some gives you an addy, then set up a yahoo or hotmail account which you dont use for personal use, but then be careful as some predators know how to find you through your ISP number. The worst of it is that l actually hate having to type all this as l so wish the word was a safe place, but unfortunatly its not, and if you cant protect yourselves, then please try to protect your babies.


Lisa - June 2

Good advice nanna, i would also like to add that, if you are suspicious about any person that has contacted you via email....tell your mum or dad straight away, and don't delete the email!! When my daughter was 14, she was lured in by a male on the internet and he was trying to arrange to meet her. To cut a long story short, I intervened and phoned him up, (he gave her his mobile phone number)threatening that i would go to the police if he continued to pursue her. I am glad i did, who knows what may have happened?? I do not allow my 13yr old daughter to have pa__swords on her msn, its for her own safety.


:-) - June 3

Granpa Vivs cool :-)


oooooohhhhhhhh - June 3

bumpy bump



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