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jason - January 23

i want to have s_x with my 14 year old cousin and she wants too so should i?


Mommy2Kylie - January 23

You're either a faker with no life. Or you're just sick and twisted.


Lisa - January 23

Are you crazy or from West Vir? What are you going to do when your cousin ends up pregnant! I you are realy considering this please use 3 kinds of birth control every time. However, I feel that if you are considering this you like use any birth control.


Asha - January 24

If this is real: Uh how about NO! If this is fake: Yea sure why not sounds like something fun.


W - January 25



EWW - February 6

Hell no you nasty B___d! Do you have a Brain? Ohh my God...


Hilary - February 7

why was this bumped up?


[email protected] - February 7

Get a life, cousin


OMG!!! - February 8

Cousins?????WTF!!!! Since when do people sleep with their cousins???? Is that morally right??? Yuk!!!! U shouldn't even be thinking about sleeping with any member of your family. Imagine what the kids at school would do to you if they found out..or what your parents. i think you should just get over it and wait to your actually old to be having s_x.....


--- - February 9

haven't you ever heard of incest? what a freak!


Eddie - February 24

No man you should not . First of all this girl is 14 years old she is just a child.


Audrey - February 24

Jason- a__suming this is a valid question, the answer would be NO. First of all if you're over 18 you can get arrested for having s_x with a 14 year old. Second, if you get her pregnant you'll be making both your lives a LOT harder. So even if she wants to, don't.


To Jason - February 25

I've heard there's no s_x like family s_x. Let us know it that is true or not.


jason - February 25

we did have s_x we both want a baby


becca - February 26

you need to get real


Mike - February 26

Keep doing her and you knock her up sooner or later.


to Jason - February 26

Go tell her parents and your parents and then let us know how that works out for you. Pig.



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