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Heather - January 5

I was on birth control for a few months and then got off. In late Aug. my b.f and I had s_x a few of those nights. In Sept. my period didn't come and then when it did(maybe it was a period?), I was bleeding for 2 weeks and then it stopped. After that I've had like menstrual cramps but more in the sides, they weren't as sharp, they were like throbbing.. My period was 2 days late in Oct and lasted only 3 days not 5. In Nov. my period was a week late and only lasted 2 1/2 days. I was due for one on the 1st and hasn't came. I understand this could be the birth control with the messed up pierods but with symptoms I don't think so. Headaches, back aches, constant pain,can't get comfortable, frequent urination, i've picked up in smell and picked up in appet_te. I've took I don't even know how many home pg tests... and neg. Could I very well be pg? And do you think I should make an appt. for a blood test?


jessy - January 5

umm i was on birth control for a few months and quit too. im now pregnant because me and my boyfriend had unprotected s_x A LOT within 3 months. but im not really sure whats goin on with you. your not really supposed to be having periods while your pregnant. it might me implantatin bleeding which happens about 6-14 days after unprotected s_x. you should take another test as SOON as you get up in the morning..but wait it out a few more days to see if you have this period. and afterwards i would see a doctor if problems keep up.


maren - January 6

I would just go to your doctor or a clinc because they will be more accurate than a test and it seems like your worried about this the doctor can do blood tests to find out and they might do a physical because they can tell if your pregnant by looking at your cervix.


courtney - January 6

yea, do the blood test. did u say you bled for 2 weeks in sept?!?!?! it sounds like maybe a miscarraige with the pains your having!! you shouldnt be gettin a period while pregnant. it happens, but not very normal. i would definetly make an appt. with your gynocologist!! if u had a miscarraige, you need to get cleaned out ASAP!!! you could get blood poisioning...and get VERY VERY VERY sick. the symptoms are pregnancy symptoms, but could aslo be from a m/c. the other ones like smell/appet_te could be your body playin tricks on u. if u stress too much about being pregnant, you can start to get the symptoms!! just make an appt. to get looked at and a test at the same time!


j - January 6

Nope - sounds like normal irrgular periods due to the bc... I would let the doctor know so that they could change your perscription - that would get you more regular... I've blead for a month (because of Birth control) and was not preggo - cramps or not, so I doubt m/c too... Talk with your doc - they'll run tests...



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