Cuz Ur Experience As A Teen Mother Wasnt Accepted

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Samantha - July 22

Cuz Ur experience as a teen mother wasnt accepted , means mine isnt going to be?Why does the mother of today(excluding minors) believe that teen pregnancy is a sin?I am made to feel like I am not accepted in my community!Help!!!!!!


SaRaH - July 15

How old are u?


steph - July 16

hhhuuuhhh!!!okay say it again,please.


kay - July 16

actuelly, it is a sin when when you're not married. the bible says that foreignicators(you) will not inherit the kingdom of God, along with adultrers, liars, and some other stuff. foreignication is having s_x before marriage. which, is what you did. but i don't agree that they should treat you like you don't belong, or like pregnancy is contagous or something. why don't you go,live with a relative. wait. why does it matter to you what everyone thinks. it's impossible to please everyone. it's your body, and if they don't like it, screw them. just act confident, and when they see that their opinion doesnt matter, they'll treat you the way you treat yourself.


Anon - July 19

Shut the hell up Kay and stop bible bashing people!!! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! Yes It is harder beeing a teenage mum, yes people will judge you... as the judge everyone... BUT HOW AWSEOME IS IT THAT YOU HAVE YOUR CHILD!!You didn't get an abortion, you didn't give it up for adoption, you are standing there saying "YES I AM A YOUNG MUM" and those who don't like it can go shove it. I am proud of every single young mum that has put their life on hold for their kid and has not gone the easy way out. You have no idea how much respect I have for you guys in what you do.:-)


Jess - July 19

The only reason why people look at teen moms differently is because you are just children yourselves. Its very difficult to have a child of your own when you are just a child yourself. If you do get pregnant and you are young...dont kill the baby at least give it a chance. I think that if you should at least be old enough to get a job if you are going to have unprotected s_x. But i dont judge young mothers when i see them, Its such a normal thing where I live.


Charlee - July 20

In a couple of months i will be a teen mother myself. The looks i get when i walk doen the street make me feel like im an animal. It's discusting the way people treat young mothers. The best mothers i know are younger mothers. They might not have the experience of life that older mothers do, but what has that got to do with raising children. Everything i think anyway happens for a reason, if you fall pregnant earlier on in your life do not ket it get you down, how wonderful to bring child so wanted into this world. Samantha - who cares what your community thinks, have faith in yourself, we need to start proving that we (yong mums) can do it and can do it better than anyone else!!!!


brucen - July 22

I don't believe minors having children is a sin, mostly it's unfortunate. I remember what my teeanage years were like. I can imagine how much of it I would have missed out on had I a child then. Most teen mothers today simply are not ready for the resposibilites of having kids. Especially, since you probably haven't finished high school. Not only do you have a baby to care for, but you have a Spanish test first period. After school you to go to work. You spend all of your money on diapers and formula then go home to take care of the baby. I can also see how being a minor with a baby places difficulties on the parents of that minor. We all know every situation is different, but these are things most people are thinking. At least the nicest of the things...



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