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PreciousBaby19 - June 12

Says it all. Keep talking about people. Later.


AddysMummy - June 12

You do the same.


AddysMummy - June 12

Talking about people BEHIND THEIR BACK especially.


PreciousBaby19 - June 12

You know. If you dont like me then its fine. =) have a great life and pregnancy hun.


PreciousBaby19 - June 12

Nope, just wanted to wish tess well before i went. I dont want to end things bad with her. So i'm acutally just wishing her well. You too db. I dont have time for the online world anymore. =) have a house to save up for. talk later. And i hope your little one is doing okay as well db. later.


grow_up - June 12

*scratches head* did I miss something?


PreciousBaby19 - June 12

if you look on another post..i actually apologized...and i'm trying here to be civil because i came back after a coolig off period.


Teddyfinch - June 13

hey no love for me? i'm pregnant too =( *starts to sniffle*


tish212 - June 13

eww teddy thats just cruel hearted of that boy to say that.... some ppl are just iggnorant... and if i was that guys g/f i wouldn't be with him any more after being a d**k like that.... i hope your DH is ok, I've had food poisoning before and it HURTS... not just the throwing up and other end issues, but the pain it causes in your stomach is i HOPE he is feeling better...I wasn't saying i was losing any sleep over the "talking behind my back thing" because to me that is so "high school" and well i graduated 8 years i don't have time to be bothered by sh*t like that.... what i am saying though is DON'T do something and then b___h about everyone else doing it ... ya know...and then call EVERYONE else a hypocrite, pot calling the kettle black dontcha think>?


PreciousBaby19 - June 13

Tish i actually am being nice to you because i like you. I haven't talked about you behind your back...I've replied on here. but anyway its over. I went and had a cool off, and cae back and sorted everything out. =) i had a really p__sy day and ended acting like a b___h. =P forgive me.


tish212 - June 13

im over the drama.... i dont have the energy or patience, besides there is enough drama in the real world to deal whatever im over it...


iona - June 13

PB go away already. Leave with a little respect. Don't b___h back. Just go


grow_up - June 14

*tips over an old lady points and laughs while looking at teddy*


Teddyfinch - June 15

lol i swear i think up the dumbest stuff right now. like when i said i was going to fart in someone's face haha. **angel** the good thing about food poisoning is if he pukes, that usually makes you feel better because the offending food is out of the stomach.


angelmonkey - June 15

lol i dont think it was food poisoning he was sick a couple of times but is fine today i wouldnt let him near me last night i was like no you have germs and im trying to grow a baby lol!


tish212 - June 15

when i had food poisoning throwing up DID NOT make me feel better, i couldn't stop throwing up... and my stomach ached and ached so bad... but the next day i felt sooo much better after it had pa__sed!!! eww teddy don't fart in ppls face thats not nice



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