D I Be Pregnant What Test Can I Take This Early

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wvkittylover92 - January 22

Last week my boyfriend and I had unprotected s_x Monday through Thursday. I ovulated on Friday and am worried that I might be pregnant. My br___ts have been sore and I've been queasy for the past couple days. I'm having a lot of discharge, cramping, frequent urination, I'm tired pretty much all day, I'm bloated, and am constipated. From what I've read online it could just be signs of my period but to take a test. My next period should be around Feb. 2nd but it's hard to wait that long to take a test. Could I be pregnant? What test could I take here soon? ps. I have talked with my OBGYN and she won't run a test until Feb. 6th so I'm stuck with the at home tests. pps. Sorry for making it sound like I don't want to be preg. because I do. I'm just trying to figure out what's going on with my body.


newbaby2009 - January 22

Are you serious? You have unprotected s_x and you're asking if you could be pregnant? You're worried you might be pregnant but you hope you are? Wow they just keep getting smarter.


Krissy25 - January 22

It takes 6-10 days for a fertilized egg to travel down the fallopian tube into the uterus and implant. Before that happens you are technically not pregnant and therefore not producing any pregnancy hormones (hcg) which it what causes pregnancy symptoms, like bloating, nausea, sore b___st, ect. While i do think it would be a little early for you to be experiencing any symptoms you do have a decent chance of becoming pregnant because you had s_x so close to the time you ovulated. You can purchase an early response pregnancy test at the store. Some can be accurate as early as 5 days before your missed period.


V9653 - January 23

At the same time I'd like to add the emphasis on CAN BE-on Krissy's statement. Everyone is different and some can get a positive that soon, while a majority can't. The reality is that a blood test can tell you after 10 days past ovulation. Other than that, you just have to wait. Look at most trying to conceive forums. The two week wait is dreaded and painful. You just got to kind of deal with it like everyone else.


mommylovesyou - January 26

newbaby2009 - this is a forum women come to for advice & answers to their questions. if you have no answers or advice other than insults i suggest you grow up & stay off the forum.


newbaby2009 - January 26

haha, you must be new here.


mommylovesyou - January 26

not at all ive been ttc for over a year & have been here longer than that. i came to this forum in the hopes of giving advice to younger women who may be looking for answers. thats what this websites forum is about.


V9653 - January 27

mommylovesyou-while I understand your frustration with her tone, you have to somewhat agree with the message. Girls come on here a lot with questions about s_x and pregnancy that are somewhat alarming. At the same time I understand that sometimes their questions come from a place of fear and disbelief rather than complete ignorance. But at the same time we, as women, need to be smarter with our bodies. If we are going to have unprotected s_x young-knowing very well that we could get pregnant-let's not completely freak out when the possibility arises. I know it's a part of youth to idealize until you are faced with the actual consequences, but isn't that proof enough that they are way over their heads with s_x. Just my opinion.


V9653 - January 27

Anyway, so you're trying to conceive? Mind if I ask your story. Sorry I just really love ttc journeys. It really is something beautiful to see women prepared for the journey and especially when they finally get that positive they've been waiting for. Anyway, good luck to you-2009 seems like a lucky year so keep the faith!


mommylovesyou - January 27

while i agree with you V9653, i think the reply was childish & insulting. these girls are young & while some are more immature than others, they are not stupid & the reply seemed to be talking down to wvkittylover & was completely disrespectful. we're here for support, whether the advice we give is harsh or not, we should never put someone down based on their age or "ignorance" to the situation they may be in.


newbaby2009 - January 27

Lmao. So we should support questions like "My boyfriend c_ms inside of me like everyday, is there any chance i could be pregnant?" I dont think so. That is nothing but plain stupidity. Heres an idea... you do things your way and ill do them mine.


mommylovesyou - January 27

yet another sign of the immaturity of some of these girls. wvkittylover good luck with everything. the best way to find out is to wait it out until you can see your dr. if you're unsure of the home tests. while you wait you can start thinking about what you would do if you happen to be pregnant & if you plan to have & raise the baby this is a good time to start planning for the future & taking care of your body. good luck & god bless


wvkittylover92 - January 28

thank you for the luck i'm going to need it and thanks for standing up for me against that horrible person. people amaze me sometimes.



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