Dad Not Ready

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Stacey - January 25

What if u got pregnant by a guy, and u told him and he said that he was happy but wasn't ready to have the baby- would u kep the baby or get an abortion?


Mommy2Kylie - January 25

If that happend to me, I would have kept my daughter regardless. But it didn't, my boyfriend is an excellent father.


tara - January 25

That should not be your deciding factor...but only part of it. You need to think long and hard about if you are ready to be a mother, and take a realistic look at how you would live if he wasn't going to be part of your life. He has the choice to go either way (be with you & the child or leave) and he will basically choose at any point in time. But you can't. You are at a cross road right now, and really need to take some time to think all this over and have a long term plan for even if he leaves you. The decisions ahead of you are hard to make, and you might find it easier to talk to an adult if you are close to one, or a counselor who can help you. You also need to have a long talk with your bf to see what both of you want.


becca - January 27

u cnt do what we would do u have 2 do what u want to do n maby the boy needs time to c_m 2 terms with if it yea it will b hard with out a dad but u can do it and if u dnt want to have an abortion


Ca__sandra - January 27

Hey! Im in the same boat, u gotta do what YOU want, not him.... u gotta be stong and get alot of support... I think that if ur old enough to do the action, ur old enough to deal w/the conqences... my boyfriend is 23 and still not ready - but Im keeping my baby - *Im only 6 weeks*


cheryl - February 9

I would never abort. Look up aborted baby pictures on the internet. If anyone needs to talk [email protected]


annoymous - February 10

i am 4 months pregnant and boyfriend told me he isnt ready to have a kid well thats something they should of thought of before having s_x


hm - February 10

He has to take responsibility for the baby no matter what.



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