Dear God Someone Please Help Me

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danielleg07 - February 4

This is my boyfriendand i broke up almost a month ago b/c we just werent getting along anymore. we'd been together over 2 years and had unprotected s_x for the first time on november 7, 2006. now im going thru all the symptoms and believe i am pregnant. heres where the problem lies: I'VE BEEN ON DEPO PROVERA FOR 2 YEARS!!! for those of you who dont know, DP is one of the most effective birth control drugs out there and stops ovulation and stuff like that by tricking your body into believing its preggers. side effects of this drug include nausea, sore tender br___ts, weight gain, tiredness, and cravings, all of which i've had for the entire 2 years i've been on this birth control. but as of the past three months since i had unprotected s_x, i've experienced all of the following: -headaches -very sensitive sense of smell -extreme exhaustion; a change in my sleep pattern -even more cravings then even before -appearance of milk glands in my nipples that appreared 2 weeks after the s_x and havent left since -a definate change in my complexion (no pimples i have tons of them) - antsiness, more of a tendency to daydream -moodswings heavier than those i experienced b/c of the birth control and thats not the end of it. its been about 3 months since then and my stomach is beginning to get thicker and larger. and i can no longer suck in my tummy to fit in my tight jeans anymore....if i attempt to suck it in it wont go all the way in like it used to. i need advice from people who are pregnant (or have been) and i ask you guys this: despite my having been on strict birth control for 2 years, do you guys really believe that i could b pregnant still? if you guys wanna know any more of my symptoms (i can list more) just let me know.


ChattyKathy - February 4

November 7th was a long time ago. You would have noticed two missed periods by now. If you have missed periods then you need to stop taking the birth control and go to the doctor ASAP to confirm it. If you haven't missed periods then I would a__sume it is just a shift in the side effects from the birth control. If you are ever concerned again, DONT wait three months before asking about it.


ans - February 4

danielleg07 have you taken a home pregnancy test (HPT)? This is the only way to know for sure if you are pregnant. My advice is to take a HPT today & if BFP (possitive), you should see a Dr. tomorrow. If you are pregnant you would be about 15 weeks so you would be able to see the baby by ultrasound to make sure everything is OK. You can list more symptoms if you would like to but the ones you have already listed sound very much like pregnancy symptoms.


danielleg07 - February 4

see i would take a test but i've learned from my doctor that blood and urine tests admistered when on Depo often come out negative when you've been on it so long b/c your body's so used to thinking it was pregnant that it cant tell the difference. and since i've been on for 2 years my body probably wouldnt recognize. but the only way i'd be able to know for sure is by ultrasound. im making an appointment for tuesday (they're closed tomorrow) to get one but i just wanted to know some opinions before i got one because the doctor is far from where i love and i dont want to inconvenience a friend for a ride without being sure of whether i could be or not


Skgwinn - February 5

Glad to hear you will be seeing the Dr tomorrow. It really sounds like you are pregnant and if you are you'll need to start prenatal care and really taking care of yourself and your baby. Best wishes



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