Decision About Abortion Ugh

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chelsie08 - October 23

well my last post was about wether i should get an abortion or not....and i decided i only 15 and i really should wait until im with a guy that loves me and im going to end up being with hopefully forever. i know it's going to be hard=[ but its not fair for the baby, me, or my family, but i still might make a last minute dicision to keep it and if i do i'll let you guys know. thanks so much for the helpfull advice=]


amanda17 - October 23

Good luck to you, then.


helpme12 - October 23

I wish you the best of luck and I hope that either decision you make, there will be a good outcome in the end. I know that I am against abortion, but i can see from your point of view with your family and it not being fair. I'm not trying to tell you what to do, its just i think that you should highly rethink your decision over before you are absolutely positive you want to end the baby's chance at life. Because you don't seem 100% sure about if you want to give it up.Just think that if you keep that baby things would be fair, and it might just bring your whole family closer and help you raise your child. Keep your head up, and don't think about the negatives. think about the positives you can still meet a guy that loves you and if he truely loves you for who you are that means that he loves the baby too, and he doesn't care about how much the expenses are, and because he loves you that he wants to be there for you no matter what.. Keep me updated and if you want to about anything ever ask me for my myspace, or some way of communication. I'm here if you need help, Good Luck!


durante baby - October 23

Well i support your decision, you have a valid reason to go through with it. I wish you the best of luck and come back if you feel like it and let us know it all went okay or if you change your mind, or if you just need people outside of home to talk and vent to........good luck ill be thinking of you


durante baby - October 23

but i do agree with helpme in the aspect that you dont need a guy to raise a baby and you will find a guy that will love you and your baby as his own...just though i would add that because hopfully you arent basing your decision soaly on that reason...again gl and keep us posted


AddysMummy - October 23

Good luck to you no matter what happens.


RubyBloodDrop - October 24

I'm 19 years old but I had my abortion a few months back when I was 18. I am telling you from experence do not get an abortion unless you are absolutely sure. I am 100% pro-choice but you need to kno the consequences and you will never be the same. I had my done at 8 weeks and was going through morning sickness. I had the abortion because I was scared but now when I look back on it and see people who are even worse off than me having children and raising them with love I wonder ifi made the right choice. Of course what is done is done but I will always wonder about the child that could have been. Being pregnact can really change a person. There are many women that have abortions and are very relived afterward and if you are that type of woman than that is great but if you are like me you will be forever changed. Just remember that and good luck to whatever you choose.


Teddyfinch - October 25

*sigh* i'm glad you thought about it, but i am against abortion. to say that having the baby is unfair to it and then go and kill it is kind of contradicting yourself. i'll have to read your other post before really saying anything, but please. for the baby's sake, don't say you're doing this in its best interest because everyone's primary concern is to live and stay that way. lots of women decide against abortion and give the baby up, but it's up to you, i suppose. not my body. good luck.


amanda17 - October 25

Teddy you sound pro-choice to me. A common misconception, pro-choice means you believe it is up to the woman whether or not to have an abortion. Her body, her choice. Pro-life means she should have the choice taken from her all together. It's called 'pro-choice' not 'pro-abortion.'


Teddyfinch - October 25

ok so i found the original post of you asking if anyone thought you should have a baby. not "the" baby, but "a" baby. if you made the decision to get pregnant, you should deal with it. if you didn't use protection because you felt like becoming a young mom and chickened out once you got pregnant, then that is something you have to deal with. because if you chose to get pregnant and then abort because you decided against it, you won't take this abortion lightly. if it was accidental, then fine, i suppose, but from your post, it sounds intended. consider thinking that the baby is already 8 weeks or more and look at pictures of ultrasounds of 8 week babies. also, please consider that you could give this baby up for adoption to a family that can't have kids and who do want to love a child. i'm trying not to judge, as much as i'm against abortion, but please, once again, don't say you're doing what's best for that baby. it's heart is beating away and it's main goal is to grow to be born to be loved. what you choose is your decision and not mine at all, but make sure you think this over completely. i have to say i still feel you wanted this child in the beginning from what you've said and that should play the biggest part in your decision.


amanda17 - October 25

No, she made another post saying she didn't mean for it to sound like she was trying to conceive... that post was asking whether or not she would be ready to have a baby, meaning the one she's already pregnant with. Everyone else was confused too lol


Teddyfinch - October 25

ohhhh ok. my bad =)



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