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Demi Leigh - April 17

im on the depo injection but think there is a possibility of me being pregnant? my boyfriend keeps nagging my head to get myself checked out but i keep telling him and myself there is no chance but is there? would i just be able to buy a preg home test and find out for sure when i done the online test thing on here it said if i was i would be bout 9 weeks? someone please give me the right advice Demi x


Bashaw85 - April 17

If there is any chance you are pregnant than you need to make sure right away. Continuing any form of birth control can have devastating effects on a developing fetus. A home pregnancy test should let you know if you are pregnant, but it is always a good idea to go to a clinic or your doctor, so that you can be sure!!


Demi Leigh - April 17

what kind of effects does it have on the fetus like? cuz i got my 2nd injection yesterday but i was too scared to say to the nurse. i just said everything was fine.


Demi Leigh - April 17

wasnt yesterday it was last week.


Demi Leigh - April 17

i just read that the depo injection doesnt affect the fetus at all the only worry is that it can delay prenatal care.


maren - April 17

yea i would have to say there is a chance you are pregnant only way to know is take a test. And the whole thing about Birth control causing devastating effects on the fetus i dont believe i was still taking my BC pills for about 8 weeks while pregnant im 29 weeks now and i have healthy beautiful baby and an extremly normal pregnancy with nothing wrong going on. When i missed my first period while on the pill i asked my doctor about it and she told me its normal to miss one period and to keep taking my pills and if i miss the next one to take a test and stop taking my BC pills. If BC causes devastating effects on a fetus im pretty sure my doctor would have made me take a pregnancy test right there and then and had me stop taking my pills. Just take a test hun, there is no harm in that.


Lillie E - April 17

i'm not sure how they do the depo thing, but the way they make the shot sound, is even after your off of it you still have up to 18 months until you can get pregnant (sometimes sooner thou). i say take a test at home asap.


corinne - April 17

If your on the depo then you obviously know that you don't get your period until your next shot is due, which is every three months. The depo makes your body think that its already pregnant so chances are that your not. If you got your shot last week did they make you pee in a cup?


Jbear - April 17

Some people get a period on depo, others don't. I had a period that didn't stop the entire time I was on depo. Birth control symptoms can mimic pregnancy. You should take a home test. If you were 9 weeks, you would get an accurate result now.


corinne - April 17

The depo can affect women to make them have long periods or more than one period a month within the first six months of taking it. Sometimes your body will adjust to it sooner but for some women it can take that long for it to adjust properly but is still as effective as if not having your period every three months.


Demi Leigh - April 22

Thanks for your advice everyone..much appreciated. I'm going to the FPC to get a test on i will keep you's updated. I guess its better to be safe than sorry. Its just driving me mental because my boyfriend said he isnt ready to have a child and i dont know if i could handle going through an abortion although he is persisting it's the best option for us at the moment. But when i ask him if i refused would he come round to the idea and he doesnt answer me ..i just wouldnt know what to do x


Corrine321 - April 22

Demi- well you dont have to get an abortion, consider adoption if you want to do that... Adoption is way better then abortion! So just keep that in mind! okays!! XOXO!!



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