Depressed And Having Second Thoughts

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Ally - January 20

I am 16 and i just recently had an abortion .. my boyfriend and my parents both wanted me to have an abortion..and my boyfriend went around telling everyone from my parents told me to tell him that i took another test and it was negative so i i am having second thoughts on my decision and wish that my ex-boyfriend ( the father of the baby) knew what i was going through..i have become depressed and need some advice from someone who has gone throught the same thing.. thanks


Vicki - January 20

I haven't been through the same thing, but I feel for you and I hope you know that you are not alone. Remember that your parents love you unconditionally and I am sure they will support you through everything. Have you spoken to your parents yet about how you feel?


Katie - January 21

Ally, I haven't been through that and I echo what Vicki had to say. Please be gentle with yourself, number one, but also, I would advise getting some counselling from a professional who you're comfortable with and who can connect you with other girls in the same shoes(i.e.,support group). As for your ex, he's probably scared and dealing with it in a really childish way, so as much as you want him to get it, it's far more important for your self respect and your own well-being to let that go, and take time to take care of you. Faith is essential, too, and DO talk to your parents.


To Ally - January 21

Hi, I had an abortion a few years ago and can relate to what you are feeling. The thing that helped me get through it was that I did this for a better future for myself and my children to be. If I had not gotten an abortion my life would not be where it is today, and I will not be able to provide for my future children as well as I know I can now. I have always wanted to have children early but even more than that I want to be able to provide them with every thing they need and deserve and that is a huge thing for me. I will always think of what I went through, but deep down I know I made the right decision. What you are going through with your emotions is completely normal, and I think you should talk to some one about it and not keep it inside, keeping it inside will hurt more. Also, if your ex was going around school and telling everyone, that’s not someone you want to be with or share your pain and happiness with. He might have just been acting out, but right now you need someone more mature who will understand you. Talk to your parents, and if for now you don’t feel close to them then another adult that you trust, family friend or counselor. Don’t ever allow anyone to judge you as no one can know what you went through unless they walk in your shoes. You can also visit this website…it’s very supportive and you will know that you are not alone.



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