Desperate For A BBY

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NEED BBY! - November 3

i soo badly want a baby! preferably a girl! i dream about them at night, and i go to stores and look at clothes for them and toys and cribs! i know thats soo lame but i cant help it! i need one! my bf and i have been trying and no luck yet and im getting soooo desperite! to whoever that chik was using the turkey baster, can u tell me how to do it?! i need a bby and didnt it work 4 u?


chilli - November 3

u should askcarol. she is the one ur asking 4


NEED BBY! - November 3

thanx. carol? anser my ? pleeze!


CAROL - November 3

Hee haw, you can't figure out how to use a turkey baster? It's rather simple. Visualize your anatomy, visualize a turkey baster and put two and two together. Very simple.


NEED BBY! - November 3

i dont get it carol. is that whut wrked for u? how did you get preg? i want a bby sooo bad, me and my bf. i need 2 knw how 2 get pregnate!


peaches - November 3

u need god in your life something is missing that you want a baby so bad and don't have a husband to share this gift with a child is more then clothes and toys do you have education goals, money its takes so much to raise a child please young and old think about your choice it won't just be your life it will be this childs also. and it take two to raise a child,


louise - November 3

heres and idea, dont have a baby because u want a girl to play with. turkey basters etc are a pile of rap. just grow up and decide to give yourself a life!


?? - November 3

are you serious?? get a dog or a doll!!!


Me - November 4

grow up you silly selfish little girl. "i need one" what kind of childish comment is that? Very obvious that you see children as objects for your own satisfaction. You've got a big reality check coming if you think its all cute outfits and toys!


peaches - November 4

why do you want a baby, what is missing in your life what do you think a baby will bring to your Life????


NEED BBY! - November 4

Luv! some1 will carefor me! i'll be ableto hold them and rockthem and dress them up! iwant a little gurl!


peaches - November 4

ok thats most young women reason but lets think how old are you? You need to first enjoy your life you will have alot of time to be a mom, i am a mother new to the game and its not easy yet i am 25 years old i was able to enjoy my teenage years go out with friends do something you love, i love being a mom but i miss going where i want when i want now i have my baby to think about first your life is not yours only any more everything you do from the time that child is born is going to be about that child even when they are grown, my mom told me that and now I see that she is so right yet i dont regrat because i did what I wanted so i know what it feels like to enjoy just being me now i can enjoy the baby please take your time a baby is not a toy, you need a friend to talk to. do you have friends. how old is your boyfriend. please think.


NEED BBY! - November 4

I'm 14 and my boyfriend is 32, he's married and having an affair wit me!!!! KOOL! he says i feel so good compared to his wife and shes fat, and im so young and soft and beautyful, he wants me to have his bby!! i want to! i luv him!~ he takes pictures of me tells me he luvs how young my body is!


NEED BBY! - November 4

carol if ur out there tell mehow you got preg! i need 2 no!


PEACHES - November 4

JODIE she is a little girl thats why she does not understand that something is wrong with that picture, i wish someone in her family would help, need bby u need to realize that something is wrong with a man that is married and having s_x with a young girl first thing think about that little girl that you want 14yrs from now she could be having s_x with a grown man and what about condoms hiv aids is out there dont believe everything he says to you he will tell u anything to get him a piece you are not the only young thing out there belive me he most likely has more than one and when you have that baby u will get fat too and he will just look for something younger and tighter, your body will be old to. dont listen to him please pray


NEED BBY! - November 4

i wont get fat cuz i work out! i wont! he says im sooo s_xxxy, so good in bed! my friendz r soo jealos. he said if i have his bby we'll move to a foring country!


CAROL - November 4

Your boyfriend is a pedophile, young lady. And creepy. You know why he would take you to another country, right (as if he even would...)? Because he KNOWS what he is doing is WRONG. Get out of this relationship now and I'll give you a cookie.



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