Dialation Before Birth

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bubbles_99 - February 22

okay... i know alot of you all think i am crazy and have muti personalities... but i have a real question.. this has never happened in any of my other pregnancies... i am 34 in a half weeks and i am already 2 cm dialated... does that mean i have the chance of having her earlier than exspected??? i mean i was never ontime with any other of my pregnancyies but does it mean any thing diffrent for this one??? even though we got off to a bad start i really need some advice...xoxoxoxox savina


Teddyfinch - February 22

my sister was dilated to 1cm from like a month and a half before and then she was 2cm for the last 3 weeks. has your doctor said anything about it? you should be fine, but be watching for you losing your plug cuz i can imagine being dilated that much can mean you may deliver early. good luck tho. sry i couldnt help more.


durante baby - February 23

I was dilated 1cm from week 32 and til my water broke which was approx 2 weeks after my dd...We didnt know my real dd cause all the u/s showed something different, so I went off of my last ms to determine my own dd...my chart dd was august 31st and I had him the 2nd of september......So basically I was dialated 1cm for a LONG time. my dr always said you can be dlated 1-4 for ever, its once you hit the 4cm that things progress quickly. Seeing as how this is supposidly not your first baby, your cervix is already prone to the trama and is therefor easier to dialate.


durante baby - February 23

ms=Mc (menstral cycle)


ChattyKathy - February 23

If you have had previous children, it is reasonable that you'd be dialated. It really doesn't mean much of anything. A friend of mine was 2cm for several weeks before labor, and another friend discovered she was 3cm and still ended up waiting a week before going into labor. Especially considering you are 34 weeks, I wouldn't expect the baby to arrive any time soon.


bubbles_99 - February 25

thanks alot... like i said i have never really dialated this early... but i will keep looking out for the signs... i havent lost a plug yet but i will keep looking out for that too... thanks again


guccigal87 - March 5

well it means NOTHING i was dialated 3 cm.. for my last 6 weeks.. i have my membrane stripped and i lost my plug 2 weeks before i was due. then i went 2 more weeks over my due date and had to be induced sooooo dialation means nothing dont get tooo excited


SarahBethT - March 6

Isn't this board for teen questions? I'm not really sure about being dilated . It could be. Maybe you should google it


bubbles_99 - March 7

yea its been about 3 weeks and i am 3 cm... but i was told not to worry to much and they mover my due date up a couple days... so i think i will be okay... and i am only 16 so this is a teen question


MelissaP - March 13

Sarahbeth-regardless of this being a teen pregnancy forum, this is a great general pregnancy question and any pregnant woman can benefit from the answers given.


EricaLynn - March 18

I was 1cm dialated for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy, it doesnt really mean anything unless you progress or have contractions.



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