Diary Of A Teen Mom

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kylie - January 23

i have started this post to give pregnant teens an insight into what they have to come to them and to try and stop ppl from rushing into having babies at a young age. I will tell you a bit bowt myself b4 i start.....i am 18 years old and have 2 children..... my mom kicked me out at 15 when i told her i was preganant with my first i lived in hostels until my baby girl was born kiera lee-arna. i then moved into a council flat where childrens agency banardos gave me 1,000 to decorate. it may seem like a lot of money but when u have to buy carpets, setees, cookers etc it doesnt last long. so my house was full of old second hand stuff. i had to sleep on the setee as i cudnt afford a bed, i had to live off benefits £120 a week which goes no where when u have to buy nappies, food etc , my clothes are all second hand i never get the chance to buy anything new or go anywhere. 1 yr later i fell pregnant again...both times the fathers ran a mile as soon as they found out. so now that fun carefree thin pretty girl is gone, and whats left is a mother of 2, constantly worrying if she can pay bills and feed her children. my diary starts here::::


kylie 18, kiera - 2, pj-1 - January 23

day 1 22/01/06...got up with kiera at 6am shes got an upset stomach and has been up all night being sick, got pj dressed and head for hospital with kiera at 9am. had to get the bus as no money so struggled getting kids, double buggy and changing bag off the bus no one even bothered to help. in hospital till 2pm then allowed home another dreaded bus journey. got home and put kiera to bed while pj plays with his toys, i clean up the house (which is v messy) and make tea. then try to do college work (i am training to be an administrator) while pj sleeps, kiera has been sick all over settee and quilts, etc, so didnt get much done. 7.30pm- bathed children and put there pjamas on. pj refusing to settle down playin loudly with toys, kiera still sleeping. trying to get all things ready for tomorrow as im at college and my mom is looking after children. dunno if going or not dependin on kiera. 11pm totally exhausted goin to bed..... up every hour all night with kiera.


to kylie - January 23

I think what you are doing is GREAT but many teens will say that wouldn't happen to me,my boyfriend want a baby or I just found out I'm pregnant and my boyfriend is happy.I don't want to disourage you from keeping it up.If it reaches one girl it is worth every minute you spend on it.


kylie - January 23

i know that most wont listen coz if someone had said this to me at 14 i would have said "shut up if it happens he l stick by me" thats a joke i fell for twice but like u said if one listens its worth it


mrs.sarge - January 23

I have one question out of curiosity, how can you aford the internet most less a computer. I think its wounderful what your doing but if the truths not told not many people listen


krista-lee - January 23

this is a very good thread for the teens trying to get pregnant. i didnt "try" myself, but i found myself pregnant when i was 15, now 16. that first diary kinda scared me, but it wont be as hard on me since my parents and my boyfriends parents are willing to help and are happy for us. Kylie... not to be rude or anything but where is the father?


Erica - January 24

Hey Kylie I give you so much credit, you are owning up to ur mistakes *Not that your children are by any means mistakes* but you know what i mean.. taking responsibilty and still trying to make something of yourself. Do you have any messengers? my msn is [email protected], aol ericacolleen2005.. good luck to you! and Keep up this diary, it may help someone else!


kylie - January 24

to mrs sarge i do not have the internet i go to college 5 days a week. full day on monday and mornings for the rest. to krista both times i fel pregnant i was in a relationship i never tryed but both times i fell for thier empty promises saying they wud take care of me but never did they both left. my kids have different dads.thanx erica i will add u


day 2 23/01/06 - January 24

(to mrs sarge i use net at college) today kiera was a little bit better, pj was up bouncin around at 6.30 so another sleepless nite followed by an early start. got all of us ready (pj twice as he threw porrige all down himself). at 8am had to walk with kids to my moms (argue with her as she says its too much work for her to look after to of them all day) then head off for colllege (there is a creche here which is free for college students so i enrolled both of them they start on monday) finally get to my cla__s 15mins late. I have to work doubly fast to catch up coz never finished my work yesterday with kiera being ill. all my college friends planning a night out for friday. not a chance i can go no money, babysitter or anything to wear. so try to pretend am not interested. i would love to go and get sum new clothes and get my hair done and go out with no worries i'd probs have to starve for a month if i went with them. left college at 1pm and head for shops to get food and nappies then go and pick kids up. kiera and pj are painting, mom doesnt believe me now when i told her i had been up all night with her and how ill she was coz shes been fine all day. get kids ready and go to park to feed the ducks. both of them fell asleep in buggy so i have a little sleep on the couch. both are grouchy when they get up so fed them and put them both in bath. 7.30pm put them both to bed and start on my mountain of ironing by 9 cant keep my eyes open going to bed....quiet night kiera slept through. pj woke at 3am and got in my bed.


manda - January 24

i really like this idea... it'll get people to really think about it! keep it up please!!! and im glad ure daughter is feeling better, for ure and her sake!!! (o;


becca - January 24

Right i no you intentions are good because i dont wont young women planning a pregnancy butyour putting a really bad light on motherhood yea its hard and stressfull but younever mention how u love you children and play with them and hoe nice it is to watch the grow why is that ....???


kylie - January 24

to becca - i love my children more than anything in the world theres nothin i love better than playing with them everyday i paint, play peekaboo, paly with toys, take them to park. if all i filled the diary with is fun and games and all the gud things dont u think that wud make young gurls think its a walk in the park and how easy it is. i dont thnk i am putting a bad light on motherhood THIS IS MA LIFE u obviously must get alot of help with ur child or children if urs is easy.


becca - January 24

Yea thats fair enough i have a daughter shes 10 1/2 months n shes a handful no its just me my boyfriend i dont get help coz i dont want it but i no what you mean i just thought from ur posts that you fort it was all bad:)sorry if i missunderstood


kylie - January 24

no probs becca : ) bet ur little girl is a handful now i dont know why ppl call them terrible twos it starts at 1. my pj is one and u have to have eyes in da back of ya head for him he dives off the arms of my sofa hes a little nutta but i wudnt swop him for the world. kiera is quieter she loves storys and she can count to 10 and have proper conversations. does ur little girl talk yet ???? pj is getting really good his favorite word at the mo is mon-ta (monster) with a scary face lol


bex - January 25

aww how sweet sounds like you have some nice kids, paris is a very determind little girl she has such a big personality all ready so i no she is gunna be like me :S lol she ses quite alot actually im really suprised but happy she ses up dada mum no n baba they might no be proper but they r to me lol she dosent walk but she crawls at like 90 miles an hour spesh if i say im gunna get her lol. I do no its hard ut i just try n push the bills n he rest aside i find on this forum no effonce intended people always read into my posts in the completely wrong way and automiticly try and find something to b___h about im sorry i miss judged you ne way you take care n i hope everything workd out but i think u need to relax n maybe have a good night out!!!


day 3 24/01/05 - January 25

woke up at 6am and pj was sittin on my stomach grabbin my hair saying "kiddy up horsi" nightmare!!! got up with him and went into sitting room so didnt wake kiera up. put pj in his highchair and gave him his porrige and tryed to get ready quickly as possable. kiera got up at 7am. by this time i was washing pj down and getting him dressed as he had porridge everywhere including up his nose. gave her breakfast , settle pj down wi his toys and got kiera dressed. 8.20 still not ready doing hair and countin blocks wiv kids. 8.40 finally ready and on way to moms. drop kids off then run to college just made it on time. at lunch go to moms to pick up kids shes bought them an outfit each and a pair of trainers each. bless her were quite good mates now even tho she threw me out when i was pregnant. left moms on way to sports centre (there is a free soft play area) i seen kieras granma (her dads mom) she has never bothered to even come and see her, not even when she was born and she stopped me and started talkin to me and asking if her and kieras grandad can come and see her!!! i told her to give me her number and i wud think about it. i cudnt believe it they have never even bothered to send her a birthday card or anything and now they wanna play happy families !!!!!i am going to let them come and see her tho i dont want kiera to miss out on having another part of her family even tho i hate them all. 2-3pm kids played in soft play area kiera plays nicely with other kids but pj isnt he was divin on head first and hitting other kids hes in a mood so put him in buggy and rock him to sleep. kiera doesnt wanna leave and throws a tantrum on the floor so have to put her quickly in buggy and she falls asleep on way home. 3.30pm get home both kids are still asleep so get some housework done. my bro phoned and told me i can have his leather 3 piece sutie coz hes got a new one. 4pm kiera woke up so played with her (teachin her nursery rhymes shes really good at them) pj wakes up and him and kiera play with toys.4.30 i make tea for us. 6pm put both kids in bath with toy ducks pj is throwing them at kiera so took them back out again. settle them down with their nightwear on and read them a book. kiera and pj fight over whos turnin pages but settle quickly. 8pm put them both to bed with lullaby nightlight on. i try and do some college work and sort bills out. pay day tomorrow.9.30pm i get in bath and go to bed!


mrs.sarge - January 25

I dont think she's putting a bad light on motherhood its hard for a single teenage mom who has nobody to raise to wounderful children and go to collage. Im sure if she didnt love them or enjoy watching them grow she wount have keep them. I think your a wounderful mother for taking care of your children and not saying i give up because its to hard. Im lucky. I had a verry hard live but i have wounderful grandparents who took me in and helped raise me. Im 19 as of the 20th of this month and ive found a wounderful man who is 25 that loves me and works hard, we are now married and im now 34 weeks pregnant . Not every girl gets lucky normally the man is sorry and leaves. Your brave and do something not many womn can do on their own at a young age



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