Did I Kill My Baby What Do I Do Now

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Baby-Boo - February 4

hi everyone, i have been pregnant once before but suffered a miscarriage. All throughout my pregnancy i was very upset, angry, frustrated and very stressed out. I got punched in the stomach also...could these all of caused my miscarriage? I no most miscarriages are caused by something being wrong with the baby but i wonderd if this inccidents could of played a part in it. I think i might be pregnant again and im very worried that im going to suffer another miscarriage, i am very stressed, worried & frustrated again and i dont want to harm my baby. I have been punched and pushed about again also. The stress of g.c.s.e ' s is getting to me, school work, do i go college, what job do i get...is all playing a part in it, then theres the fact my nan is seriously ill, so is my mum and my boyfriend and i have been having some really serious arguments lately, Im so down and feel asif my brain is going to explode if all of this carries on, any advice would be terrific...thanx


Grandpa Viv - February 4

My sympathy! You need to figure out what is keeping you attached to an abusive boyfriend. If you can escape his clutches the stress in your life will be reduced. Women who fall for abusive males are often mistaking for love what was doled out as love in their early childhood. Was your dad abusive? Are you acting as nurse and housekeeper to mum and nan? Most girls in your situation feel very responsible for looking after mom, so packing up and leaving for a relative at the other end of the country may not be an option. Lose the bf. Call social services for help. Get advice from your favorite teacher. Try to pa__s GCSE. Leave college decisions until things have settled down. Talk to me at [email protected] if you want. Good luck!


Baby-Boo - February 4

Thanx grandpa Viv but i didnt get punched by my boyfriend. I got punched by people at my school, and my sisters. No my dad isnt abusive towards me, my biological father has only ever seen me once when i was 2 and denied i was his kid, even tho it got proven i was. I consider my "step dad" to be my real dad. I have sent my application form off for college...i hope im not pregnant because its not right for me to bring a child into the world at this particular moment. I really really appreciate you answering my post i hope things work out...and i just wna say to any girls trying to get pregnant to just think about it and listen to your parents...i no we dont like to admit it but most of the time they really do no best xx


angel - February 4

hey hun i am so sorry for what your going thru :( i lost my baby girl in oct 04 and i still miss her :( if you have a miscarriage in the forst few months of pregnancy its usually a genetic disorder (the body sees something is wrong with the baby or the baby isnt growing like it should) so you have a miscarriage but i have also heard that for the first baby ur risk for m/c is high anyway.... but dont worry if u lose a baby you have a very very good chance of having a healthy baby next time. dont for a minute think it was ur fault. the body has a very good protection for baby fthe first few months so being stressed wouldnt causes it and during the first few weeks the baby is so small and the uterus is still under ur pelvic bone i dont think a punch would hurt baby. i hope ur ok and i know how u feel and it does get better.... the pain does stop.... best wishes and God bless


Grandpa Viv - February 4

Hmm! Things have changed in England since I left 45 years ago. Sorry I jumped to conclusions about the bf. You have plenty of company in your fear of a second miscarriage. Just about every woman who has had one fears for the next. It isn't impossible, but it is far from likely. Seems like you should test as soon as you are a week late, to get that uncertainty out of the way. Then you have to get the bf sorted. His first reaction will perhaps be negative, but most of them come around if you give them breathing space. Good luck!


Baby-Boo - February 5

Just wna say thanx to angel & Grandpa Viv, i love my boyfriend to pieces but our relationships going downhill at the minute. We have been together for 2 years so hopefully we can oull through it. I had to come and here and ask these questions, ive never been so stressed out before. I will definately take a test as soon as im a week late and i will let you all no the result xx


MommyDear - February 5

Its hard when theres alot going on I understand. If you are pregnant though don't stress out right away. Just sit down by yourself for a while and think. Theres alot of options to consider, but it probably would be best if your tried to work things out with your b/f. Adoption is always there if it doesn't work out too. I'm doing adoption with my daughter because of similar situations. Best of luck!



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